Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 2006

Detailed Table of Contents


Best Paper Awards

Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration Award for the Best Paper Exploring the Importance of Small Businesses to the U.S. Economy or A Public Policy Issue of Importance to the Entrepreneurial Community

A Real Options Model of Stepwise Entry into Self-employment
Karl Wennberg,Timothy B. Folta, Frédéric Delmar

Irene M. Mccarthy Award for the Best Paper on the Topic of High Technology

From Free To Fee: An Examination of Factors Influencing The Switch From Public Innovator To Commercial Entrepreneur
Jonathan T. Eckhardt, Michael P. Ciuchta

Babson College Family Business Award Sponsored by George and Robin Raymond for the Best Paper on the Topic of Family Business

Investigating Decision-Making Criteria Of Private Equity Investors In Family Firms
Alexandra Dawson

The Stevens Institute of Technology
Wesley J. Howe Award for Excellence in Research on the Topic of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Alliances, Corporate Technological Entrepreneurship, And Firm Performance: Testing A Model
Bostjan Antoncic, Igor Prodan

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Award for Excellence in Research on the General Topic of Entrepreneurship

Regulatory Focus And Executives’ Intentions To Commit Their Firms To Entrepreneurial Action
Jeffery S. McMullen

I. Entrepreneurship Financing

A dynamic view on THE Financing of Extreme Growth companies
Tom Vanacker, Sophie Manigart


Capital structure and performance of business start-ups: the role of unobservable information and incentives
Dzmitry Asinski, Olena Chyruk

II. Angel Financing


An Assessment of the Efficiency of Government Funding of Business Angel Networks
Veroniek Collewaert, Sophie Manigart, Rudy Aernoudt

Do business angels learn or are they born that way?
Ellen Farrell

The profile and motivations of bank angel investors
Stephen G. Morrissette

Interactive Paper

The Impact of Entrepreneurs’ Investor Forum Pitch Presentations on the Initial screening Investment Decisions of Business Angels
Colin Clark

III. Venture Capital

The Impact of Competition on the Selection and Valuation of Deals by Private Equity Firms
Miguel Meuleman

Working with Unfamiliar Partners: Relational Embeddedness and Partner Selection in Private Equity Syndicates
Miguel Meuleman, Andy Lockett, Mike Wright

Bundles of Social Network Resources: Examining Venture Capital Firms’ Diversification of Investments
Hana Milanov, Dimo Dimov, Dean A. Shepherd


Do VCS Matter?
Markus Fitza, Sharon Matusik, Elaine Mosakowski

The Influence of Cognitive Alignment on Venture Capitalist Decision-making
J. Michael Haynie, Charles Y. Murnieks, Robert E. Wiltbank, Troy Harting

The Role of Network Ties in Mitigating Asymmetric Information in Cross-border Venture Capital Exits
Mikko Jääskeläinen

Family Offices and Private Equity: a Clinical Study of Leading Independent European Firms
Benoit Leleux, Joachim Schwass, Albert Diversé

The Role of Experience and Perceptions in Risky Behavior: Evidence from the Venture Capital Industry
Annaleena Parhankangas, Tomas Hellström

After Due Diligence: How Venture Capitalists’ Evolving Risk Perceptions Influence Their Exit
Carla Pavone

Private Equity and Venture Capital in an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Brazil
Leonardo L. Ribeiro, Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Cláudio Vilar Furtado

Designing Government-supported Venture Capital Programs in Europe: What Do We Know, What Should We Know?
Anna Söderblom, Gordon Murray

Do Venture Capitalists And Entrepreneurs Agree on the Level of Venture Capitalists’ Involvement? A Dyadic Examination of Perceptions
Ronit Yitshaki-Hagai

Interactive Papers

Running the Gauntlet: A Study of How the Members of Venture Capital Firm Investment Teams Advocate and Evaluate Deals
Bart Balocki

The Impact of Alternate Sources of Venture Capital on Internationalization Intensity
Joseph A. LiPuma

It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know: Stratification and Status in Venture Capital
Jennifer M. Walske

IV. Corporate Venture Capital


Corporate Venture Capital and the Returns to Acquiring Entrepreneurial Firms
David Benson, Rosemarie Ham Ziedonis

Corporate venturing for money and knowledge: Market reactions to firms making private placements of equity
Jay J. Janney, Timothy B. Folta

External Corporate Venturing and the Choice Between Cvc Investments, Strategic Alliances and M&as
Vareska van de Vrande, Wim Vanhaverbeke

The Entrepreneur-investor Charismatic Relationship: a Dramaturgical Framework
Juita-Elena (Wie) Yusuf

Interactive Papers

Corporate Innovation and the Interplay of Corporate Venture Capital and Internal R&d
Sergey Anokhin, William Schulze

Corporate Venture Capital – A Survival Analysis of Portfolio Companies
Tobias M. Johann, Stephan Golla, Heinz Klandt

V. Harvest and Exit

Entrepreneurial Exit Strategies: The Impact of Human Capital
Dawn DeTienne, Melissa S. Cardon

Interactive Paper

Who Reaps the Rewards? Appropriation Concerns in IPO Ventures
Jonathan Arthurs, Lowell Busenitz, Richard Johnson, Robert Hoskisson

VI. Entrepreneur Characteristics

Information Acquisition and the Rationality of Entrepreneur Expectations
Gavin Cassar

Optimism and Environmental Uncertainty: Implications for Entrepreneurial Performance
Keith M. Hmieleski, Robert A. Baron

Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration Award for the Best Paper Exploring the Importance of Small Businesses to the U.S. Economy or A Public Policy Issue of Importance to the Entrepreneurial Community

A Real Options Model of Stepwise Entry into Self-employment
Karl Wennberg,Timothy B. Folta, Frédéric Delmar


[Sex, Drugs and]... Entrepreneurial Passion?: An Exploratory Study
Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud, Jennie Elfving, Norris Krueger

Is Passion Contagious? Transference of Entrepreneurial Emotion to Employees
Melissa S. Cardon

Knowledge-related Success Factors on the Path from Unemployment To Entrepreneurship
John Dencker, Marc Gruber, Sonali Shah

The Role of Personal and Family Background in Making Entrepreneurs in a Post-socialist Environment
Vyacheslav Dombrovsky, Friederike Welter

To Be or Not to Be: The Role of Passion and Obsession in the Entrepreneurial Process
Charlotte J. Winnen

Interactive Papers

Types of Portfolio Entrepreneurs: Motivations, Characteristics and Performance
Gry Agnete Alsos, Elisabet Ljunggren

On the Determinants of Entrepreneurship: Is It Who You Are Or Where You Are? Some Empirical Evidence from Italy
Alexandra Dawson, Giovanni Valentini

How does An Entrepreneur’s Ability Influence the Propensity to Exploit Novel Opportunities? The Moderating Role of Personality and Environment
Lena Lee, Jing Zhang

Entrepreneurial Capabilities and Metacognition:How Venture Creation can be managed
Patrick Reinmoeller

Emotions and Their Impact on Decision-making and New Venture Failure
Malvika Sundararajan, Andrew C. Corbett

Beyond education and previous experiEnce: entrepreneurial human capital, strategic leadership and competitive advantage
Ronit Yitshaki-Hagai

VII. Serial Entrepreneurs

An Empirical Investigation Into The Job Generation Capacity Of Serial Entrepreneurs
Manuel G. Flores-Romero

Renascent Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurial Preferences Subsequent To Firm Exit
Erik Stam, University of Cambridge, David Audretsch, Joris Meijaard


Serial Vs. One-business Entrepreneurs: A Longitudinal Investigation Of Entry Into Serial Entrepreneurship
A. Miguel Amaral, Rui Baptista

Serial Entrepreneurs from MIT
Charles E. Eesley, Edward B. Roberts

Serial Entrepreneurs: What Keeps Them Pushing For More?
Dietmar Grichnik

VIII. Entrepreneurial Cognition

New Venture Risk Taking: Perceptions And Preferences?
Evan J. Douglas

Entrepreneurs And Intertemporal Decision Making
Jason Fitzsimmons, Per Davidsson

A Choice Modeling Approach To Predict Entrepreneurial Intentions From Attitudes And Perceived Abilities
Paul Steffens, Jason R. Fitzsimmons, Evan J. Douglas


Responding To Adversity: A Metacognitive Approach To Resilience
Daniel V. Holland

An Integrated Model Of Entrepreneurial Intentions
Lars Kolvereid, Tatiana Iakovleva, Jill Kickul

Path Dependency In Entrepreneurial Career Choice
Kaisu Paasio, Tommi Pukkinen

Interactive Paper

To Find Or Not To Find: How Do Opportunity Identification Cognitions Differ By Task?
Veronica Gustavsson, J. Brock Smith, Ronald K. Mitchell

IX. Opportunity Recognition

Irene M. Mccarthy Award for the Best Paper on the Topic of High Technology

From Free To Fee: An Examination of Factors Influencing The Switch From Public Innovator To Commercial Entrepreneur
Jonathan T. Eckhardt, Michael P. Ciuchta


Honeymoons And Hard Times: The Dynamics Of Newness And Environmental Jolts On Independent And Subsidiary Firms
Steven W. Bradley, Dean A. Shepherd

A Constructivist Framework For Understanding Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Didier Chabaud, Joseph Ngijol

Responding To Surprise: Improvisation, Planning Or Muddling Through
Dale T. Eesley

Employee Stock Ownership as a Moderator of the Relationship between R&D Intensity and Innovation
Robert Garrett

Opportunity Recognition And Exploitation In The Pre Start-up Phase: A Case Comparison Of The Medical Equipment And Sporting Equipment Industry
Christoph Hienerth, Christopher Lettl

The Systematic Nature of Serendipity in Opportunity Discovery: Implications for the Theory of Entrepreneurship
Reddi Kotha, Dimo Dimov, Gerard George

The Origins Of Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Notes And Insights From Strategic Management
Lawrence A. Plummer, J. Michael Haynie, Joy Godesiabois

Entrepreneurial Teams And The Opportunity Recognition Process
Tali Sivan, Ella Miron, Avi Fiegenbaum, Miriam Erez, Uzi de Haan

Prior Knowledge, Innovation Championing And The Performance Of University Spin-offs
Achim Walter, Felix Riesenhuber, Michael Auer

Interactive Papers

Types Of Opportunity Identification And Development Processes
Gry Agnete Alsos, Einar Rasmussen

Opportunity acknowledgement: prior knowledge vs other individual differences
Denis Grégoire

Opportunity Recognition and Innovation: How Technology Entrepreneurs Use Prior Knowledge to Construct Radical Innovations
Matthew R. Marvel, G. T. Lumpkin

Building A Theory For Business Failure
Marius Pretorius

X. Learning

New Venture Innovation In Dynamic Markets
Alexander McKelvie, Johan Wiklund

Show Me The Money: Investigating Mechanisms For Entrepreneurs To Communicate Opportunity Evaluation Decisions
J. Robert Mitchell


Why Do Some Entrepreneurs Achieve Extraordinary Success? Insights From basic Research on Exceptional Performance
Robert A. Baron, Rebecca A. Henry

Gray Matters: Understanding Academic Researchers’ Decisions About Commercializing Their Discoveries
Terri Standish-Kuon

Entrepreneurial Learning Within Peer Networks
Jing Zhang, Eleanor Hamilton

Interactive Papers

Specialized Knowledge In Entrepreneurial Start-up Teams
Marc Junkunc

Bilateral Interorganizational Learning In Cvc Activities: The Perspective Of Agency Theory
Yi Yang, Vadake K. Narayanan

XI. Women Entrepreneurship

Economic Trends And Location Patterns Of Women High-tech Entrepreneurs
Heike Mayer


Practice And Perceptions: Gender, Entrepreneurship, And Bourdieu’s Forms Of Capital
Amanda Brickman Elam

The Experience Of Women Business Owners Seeking Finance For Start-up And Growth: A Qualitative Investigation
Frances Hill, Claire Leitch, Richard Harrison

Is Success The Same For Women And Men Entrepreneurs?
Grace Kim

Part-Time Self-Employment and ThE Reconciliation of Family and Work: Do Institutions Matter?-19-Country Study-
Robert Strohmeyer, Vartuhi Tonoyan, Rene Leicht

Women’s Entry Into (Non-) Professional Self-employment: Does Family Background Matter? Cross-country Comparison In Western And Eastern Europe
Vartuhi Tonoyan, Robert Strohmeyer

The Effect of Entrepreneurial Motives on Growth: A Study of Women Entrepreneurs
Jaume Villanueva, Carla Pavone

Interactive Paper

Independent from Time and Space? Virtual Networks of Women Entrepreneurs
Friederike Welter, Lutz Trettin, Lena Jacobi, Ursula Ammon

XII. Ethnic Entrepreneurship


Inner City Entrepreneurs: Building Ventures and Expanding Community Ties
Candida Brush, Daniel Monti, Amy Gannon, Andrea Ryan

How Deep Are Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Germany Asleep? A Dynamic Model of Adjusting Beliefs
Nikolinka Fertala

Ethnicity, Immigration And Entrepreneurial Behavior
Maria Minniti, Carlo Nardone

XIII. Networks

The Changing Importance of Structural Holes and Social Capital in an Emerging Industry: Evidence from the Internet Industry
Stephen Chen, Maciek Ronowski

Comparing Theoretical Predictors And Practitioner Assessments Of Entrepreneurial Network Value
Elissa Grossman


Resources Once-removed: Social Capital As A Generative Resource In Entrepreneurial Environments
Joy Godesiabois, Elaine Mosakowski

Sources of success: Small firms’ use of networks to support the development of innovations
Willem Hulsink, Jeroen P.J. de Jong

Assessing the Effects of Social Capital and Social Skills: How influential are they in the Founding of Firms?
Pankaj C. Patel, James O. Fiet, Nancy Carter

Hayek’s Institutional Theory of Group Selection and the Entrepreneurial Network Success Hypothesis
Sean Patrick Sassmannshausen

The Role Of Human And Social Capital In New Venture Creation
Mark T. Schenkel, Charles H. Matthews, John Maslyn

Brokerage Strategies In Organizational Fields: Linking Network Structure And Composition To New Venture Performance
Wouter Stam, Tom Elfring

Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Success: A meta-analytical Review
Jens M. Unger, Andreas Rauch, Michael Frese, Nina Rosenbusch

XIV. Teams

Non-competition Agreements And Research Productivity In The Biotechnology Industry
Joseph E. Coombs, Porcher Taylor


Entrepreneurial Training Transfer: Influences On Entrepreneurs’ Use Of Knowledge From Training Processes
Karen Bishop, Kurt Kraiger, Betty Conklin

Team Efficacy In New Ventures
Patricia S. Borchert, Harry J. Sapienza

The Impact of Team Composition on Decision-Making and Start-up Performance
Malte Brettel, Florian Heinemann

Opportunity Identification, Resource Leverage And Team Member Recruitment By Academic And Non-academic Entrepreneurs
Maris Bruce, Paul Westhead

Senior Teams And Organizational Ambidexterity:the Role Of Transformational Leadership
Justin Jansen, Gerard George

Effects Of Ownership Structure On New Venture Team Recruitment And Team Characteristics
Aegean Leung, Poh Kam Wong, Maw Der Foo

Human Resource Management In Successful Entrepreneurial Enterprises: Challenges, Paradoxes, And Opportunities
Clinton O. Longenecker, Dale T. Eesley

TMT-Strategy Fit in High Potential New Ventures
Rod Shrader, Prajya Vidyarthi, Gerald E. Hills, David Hansen

Exploring New Opportunities By Hiring
Daniel Tzabbar

Creating human capital portfolios in high tech start ups:The process of handling Team dynamics and complexity?
Iris Vanaelst, Bart Clarysse, Ghent University, Rosette S’Jegers, Deniz Ucbasaran

The Rise and Fall of Key Employees: Role Evolution of Key Employees in High Technology Start-ups
Jia Xu, Howard Aldrich


The social capital of start-up teams: Team diversity, external network non-redundancy and internal network closure
Victor Scholten, Onno Omta, Tom Elfring, Ron Kemp

Dynamics of entrepreneurial teams in ventures in creative industries
Silviya Svejenova, Marcel Planellas, Siri Terjesen

XV. Governance

Outside Board Availability And Composition In High Tech Start-ups
Mirjam Knockaert, Andy Lockett, Deniz Ucbasaran

Failures Of Entrepreneurial Learning In Knowledge-based Startups
Yan Gong, Ted Baker, Anne S. Miner

The effect of venture capitalists on the early stage growth of high tech ventures
Mirjam Knockaert


Changes In Structure Of Board Of Directors Of New Ventures: A Multi-theoretic Approach
Tolulope Bewaji

The Effects Of Founders’ Decision-making Style And Formalization On Firm Performance: A Cognitive Framework And Test
Keith H. Brigham, Ronald K. Mitchell, Julio O. De Castro

New Firm Organization and the Emergence of Concentrated Control Rights: A Bayesian Approach
Simon C. Parker, Sharon Alvarez

Firm Size, Organizational Flexibility, and Performance: Do Small Firms have a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over Larger Firms?
Niels van der Weerdt, Ernst Verwaal, Henk Volberda

Linking New Venture Entrepreneurial Orientation to Firm Performance: A Multidimensional Model of Organizational Structure Moderation
William J. Wales, G. T. Lumpkin, Michael D. Ensley

Theoretical Suggestions For The Presence Of Rigidity And Flexibility In New Ventures
Justin W. Webb, R. Duane Ireland, Victor Franklin

Watching Eyes: Friend Or Foe? Network Board Monitoring And Innovative Performance Of The Member Firms
Joakim Wincent, Sergey Anokhin, Daniel Örtqvist

Interactive Paper

Entrepreneurial Structure For Learning Dynamics And Economic Opportunities In Biotechnology Industry
Tariq Malik

XVI. Strategy


Why New Business Development Succeeds Or Fails: Complementary Insights From A Process Perspective
Henri Burgers, Frans A. J. Van den Bosch

Resource Protection and Entrepreneurship
Peter T. Gianiodis, Gideon Markman, Maritza I. Espina

Developing Dynamic Capabilities In Small Firms: The Role Of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Activities, And Firm Resources
Einar Lier Madsen, Odd Jarl Borch, Johan Wiklund

An Insight In The Innovative Capacity Of High Growth Ventures
Caroline Van Eeckhout

Interactive Papers

Non-technology Knowledge Spillover
Rodney D’Souza, Bruce Kemelgor

How Entrepreneurial Ventures Make Money: Capturing The Economic Model Of The Firm
April Murdoch, Michael Morris, George Burman, Keith Zanders, Jeffrey Allen

The Survival Strategy Of Spanish Family Firms
Raquel Ortega-Argilés

Unbundling The Determinants Of Inertia To Discontinuous Innovation: Elaborating The Impact Of Organisational Field Transparency
Pete Thomond, Paul Steffens

XVII. Family Enterprise

Babson College Family Business Award Sponsored by George and Robin Raymond for the Best Paper on the Topic of Family Business

Investigating Decision-Making Criteria Of Private Equity Investors In Family Firms
Alexandra Dawson


Chinese Familism And Market Rationality In Start-up Capital Seeking
Kevin Au, Ho-kwong Kwan

Family Business Succession: Towards The Development Of A Domain-specific Self-efficacy Scale
Alex F. DeNoble, Sanford B. Ehrlich, Gangaram Singh

Family Involvement In Family Firms: Antecedents And Moderators
Hung-bin Ding, Phillip Phan

Performance differences between family-firms and non-family-firms engaging in M&A transactions as bidders
Christof M. Engelskirchen

An Exploratory Study Of Dimensions And Characteristics Of Entrepreneurship In Family Firms
Mattias Nordqvist, Timothy G. Habbershon, Leif Melin

The IMPACT OF Ownership, Governance and Objectives on the Life Cycle of Family Firms: Evidence from Management Buy-outs
M. Louise Scholes, Mike Wright, Paul Westhead, Andrew Burrows, Hans Bruining

Interactive paper

Successful Internationalization For Small And Medium-sized Family Businesses: Is It Gradual, Personalised Or A Balancing Act?
Zografia Bika

XVIII. Franchising


Franchise Strategy And System Development; Juxtaposing Selection And Adaptation Perspectives
Maryse J. Brand, Evelien P. M. Croonen

Entrepreneurial Failure: The Case Of Franchisees
Steven Michael

Interactive Paper

Franchising: A Dynamic Game With Intelligent Players
Evelien P. M. Croonen, Maryse J. Brand, Dany Jacobs, Liesbeth Kneppers-Heijnert

XIX. Environment

Disease Epidemics And Entrepreneurial Tipping Points: Models Of Venture Viability From Customer And Financier Perspectives
Patrick J. Murphy, Thomas E. Long


Media Entrepreneurship in the Era of Big Media: Prospects for New Entrants
Anne Hoag, Ben Compaine

Entrepreneurial Strategies For The Global Motion Picture Industry And The Interplay Of Commerce And Art
Kevin H. Kennedy, G. Tyge Payne, Rebecca Rust

Open Innovation As A Facilitator Of New Venture Creation: The Case Of Octopus-test-bed
Vesa Puhakka, Mikko Herajärvi, Jukka Kontula, Sakari Sipola

The Neglected Side of Media Convergence: the Role of Local Entrepreneurs in Making it Happen
Elena Raviola

Interactive Papers

Measuring Organizational Responsiveness In Entrepreneurial Firms: The Development Of A Validated Survey Instrument
James Hoyt, Faizul Huq, Patrick Kreiser

Environmental Disequilibrium And New Venture Creation: An Examination In The Context Of A Local Bust Economy
Sheryllynn Roberts

XX. Micro Entrepreneurship

Knowledge spillovers and entrepreneurs’ export orientation
Dirk De Clercq, S. Jolanda A. Hessels, André van Stel

The Outlier Phenomenon In Entrepreneurship And Economic Growth: Mollycoddling Policies Create New Zealand’s Perfect Storm
Howard H. Frederick, Erik Monsen

On the Emergence of Entrepreneurial Activity – a Longitudinal Regional STUDY 1891 – 2003
Emer Ní Bhrádaigh, John A. Murray

Entrepreneurial Motivation In Developing Countries: What Does “Necessity” And “Opportunity” Entrepreneurship Really Mean?
Peter Rosa, Sarath Kodithuwakku, Waswa Balunywa


Entrepreneurship: a Link Between Economic Freedom and Economic Growth?
Aron Spencer, Bruce Kirchhoff

XXI. Technology / Commercialization


Why Did Silicon Valley Grow Up Around Stanford University Rather Than Around Uc Berkeley?
Stephen B. Adams

The Role of Entrepreneurship Education in the Commercialization of Intellectual Property at Canadian Universities
Robert Anderson, Peter W. Moroz, Kevin Hindle

The Effects Of Market And Technological Uncertainty On University Spinout Formation: A Real Option Approach To Technology Commercialization
Djordje Djokovic, Vangelis Souitaris

Interactive Papers

Developing Self-efficacy And Entrepreneurial Intent For Technology Entrepreneurship: The Influence Of Role Models
Frank Cave, Sarah Cooper, David Good, Tony Ward

Predicting Technology Commercialization Success: An Examination Of Key Variables Leading To Type I And Type Ii Errors In Funding Decisions
Alex F. DeNoble, Sanford B. Ehrlich, Craig S. Galbraith

Nurture Or Nature? The Growth Paradox Of Research Based Spin-offs
Vangelis Souitaris, Nathalie Moray, Stefania Zerbinati

XXII. International Entrepreneurship

How key partners shape the EXTENT of internationalization of young, technology-based firms
Johan Bruneel, Helena Yli-Renko, Bart Clarysse

Survival of New Technology Based Firms in the UK and Germany
Marc Cowling, Helmut Fryges, Georg Licht, Gordon Murray

The Impact Of Managerial Networking And Market-based Strategies On Firm Growth During Institutional Upheaval: A Study Of Entrepreneurs In A Transition Economy
Wade M. Danis, Dan S. Chiaburu, Marjorie A. Lyles

A Cross-country Analysis Of Entrepreneurs’ Resources And Ethical Attitudes
Dirk De Clercq, Mourad Dakhli


Does Domestic Success Or Entry Barriers Better Explain Entrepreneurial Firm Non-internationalization?
Ben Arbaugh, Michael Camp, Larry W. Cox

The Role of SME Internationalization for Pursuing Opportunities
Lucia Naldi

Internationalization Of Software Firms: An Institutional Model
Antti Niku

Fast-growth Companies On Developed And Developing Economics: A Comparative Study On Entrepreneurial And International Diversification Strategies
Pedro Parada, Julia Moreira, Eugenia Bieto

A Universal Contingency Approach: Innovation, Entrepreneurial Orientation And Performance In Chinese And German Entrepreneurs
Andreas Rauch, Michael Frese, Zhong-Ming Wang, Christine König

Venturing From Emerging Economies To Developed Economies: The Other Way Around
Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Mike W. Peng

The Legitimacy Of Stretching: Firm Specific Determinants Of International Entrepreneurship Versus Resource-based Constraints
Carsten Zimmermann, Ronald Klingebiel, Paul Kattuman

Interactive Papers

A Behavioral Model Of International Entrepreneurship
Carin Holmquist, Karl Wennberg

The Growth Model Of Japanese High-tech Start-ups
Shingo Igarashi, Noriko Taji

How Do Top Management Team And Its Effect On Corporate Entrepreneurship Vary Across Cultures? A Comparison Of Us-based Versus Korean-based Small-to-medium-sized Companies
Yan Ling, Hyunsuk Lee

Entrepreneurship And Innovation In Ghana
Paul J. A. Robson, Helen M. Haugh, Bernard A. Obeng

XXIII. Corporate Entrepreneurship

The Stevens Institute of Technology
Wesley J. Howe Award for Excellence in Research on the Topic of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Alliances, Corporate Technological Entrepreneurship, And Firm Performance: Testing A Model
Bostjan Antoncic, Igor Prodan

An Empirical Investigation Of The Cognitions Of Corporate Entrepreneurs
Andrew C. Corbett

Exploring The Relationship Between Strategic Adaptability And Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Role Of Structure-style Fit
Kimberly M. Green, Jeffrey G. Covin, Dennis P. Slevin

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Award for Excellence in Research on the General Topic of Entrepreneurship

Regulatory Focus And Executives’ Intentions To Commit Their Firms To Entrepreneurial Action
Jeffery S. McMullen


Internal Drivers of Corporate Entrepreneurship
Broto R. Bhardwaj, Sudhir K. Jain, S. Sushil

The Emergence Of A Study Of Corporate Entrepreneurship
Ted Fuller, Roy Fewster

Corporate Entrepreneurship – An Empirical Study Of The Importance Of Strategic Considerations In The Creation Of Radical Innovation
Astrid Heidemann Lassen

Future: Path Dependent or Undetermined? Reflection on corporate growth potential
Lilla Hortovanyi, Roland Zs. Szabo

Balancing Intrapreneurial Innovation Vs. Entrepreneurial Spin-offs During Periods Of Technological Foment
Joel West, Caroline Simard

Interactive Papers

The influence from the organizational climate on employee innovation behavior
Bjørn Willy Åmo, Elen Merethe Oftedal, Erlend Bullvaag

Incentive Design for Corporate Employee-Entrepreneurs: New Theory and Empirical Evidence
Erik Monsen, Holger Patzelt

Interlocking Boards and Patterns of Corporate Entrepreneurship
Erik A. Noyes

XXIV. Public Policy


Health Insurance and Job Creation by Entrepreneurs
Aparna Mathur

Do Policy Programs Meet The Needs Of Entrepreneurs? An Institutional Perspective
Holger Patzelt

Motivation Based Policies For An Entrepreneurial EU Economy
Marco van Gelderen, S. Jolanda A. Hessels, A. Roy Thurik

Interactive Papers

Entrepreneurship Policy For An Ageing Population: The Case Of “Prime” In The United Kingdom
Teemu Kautonen, Simon Down, Laurie South

The Public Policies to Foster the Creation of Research Based Spin-Offs Firms: the French Case or the Gap Between Policy Expectations and Their Results
Philippe Mustar

XXV. Social Entrepreneurship


Economic Justification For A Social Entrepreneurship Class
Henry G. Rennie

Antecedents And Outcomes Of Entrepreneurial Orientation In A Nonprofit Context: Theoretical And Empirical Insights
Michael Morris, Susan Coombes, Jeffrey Allen, Minet Schindehutte

Interactive Paper

Measuring Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons From Three Years Of Experimentation By The Uk Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Team
Jonathan Levie, David Brooksbank, Dylan Jones-Evans, Rebecca Harding, Mark Hart

XXVI. Research Methods


Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Theoretical And Empirical Examination Of The Consequences Of Differing Construct Representations
Bradley A. George

Controlling For Industry Effects In Growth: A Comparative Study
Alexander McKelvie, Gaylen Chandler

How Should We Measure Innovation? A Meta-analysis On The Relationship Between Indicators Of Innovation
Nina Rosenbusch, Andreas Bausch, Mario Krist, Jens M. Unger

Interactive Papers

Measuring Shareholder Wealth Creation Without Market Data: The Development Of Annual And Three-year Composite Measures
Robert B. Carton, Charles W. Hofer

What is the Dependent Variable in Entrepreneurship Research?
Stewart Thornhill, Nikhil Celly