Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 2009

Detailed Table of Contents


Best Paper Awards


“This Deal is Dead!” A Longitudinal Study of VC Decision Making
Jeffrey S. Petty and Marc Gruber


Entrepreneur Improvisational Behavior and New Venture Performance: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Keith M. Hmieleski


Is IPO the Death of Innovation?
Bradley A. George and Kimberly G. Nix


The Organisational Goals of Social Entrepreneurs: How Social are they?
Nathalie Moray and Robin Stevens


Acquiring Financial Resources to Form New Ventures: Pecking Order Theory and the Emerging Firm
Casey J. Frid

Perceptions of Bank-Firm Relationship: Does Gender Similarity Matter?
Patrick Saparito, Amanda Elam and Candida G. Brush


Mimetic Behavior in Alliance Strategies within Biotech Initial Public Offerings
Theodore A. Khoury

Exit Routes: What are Your Options?
Bernadette Power and Geraldine Ryan

Resource Complementarities, Trade-offs, and Undercapitalization in Technology-Based Ventures: An Empirical Analysis
David M. Townsend and Lowell W. Busenitz

Bootstrapping Strategies and Entrepreneurial Growth: A Longitudinal Study
Tom Vanacker and Luc Sels

Interactive Papers

Is it a Lemon or a Cherry? Markov Modeling of Entrepreneurial Growth and Profitability
Malin Brännback, Ralf Östermark, Alan R. Carsrud, Maija Renko and Jaana Aaltonen

Beyond Credibility: The Role of Stories in Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisition
Jaume Villanueva and Harry J. Sapienza


The Impact of Perceived Entrepreneurial Passion on Angel Investing
Melissa S. Cardon, Richard Sudek and Cheryl Mitteness

What Drives Informal Investing? An Institutional Perspective
Dirk De Clercq, Miguel Meuleman and Olivier Tilleuil

The Role of Prediction in New Venture Investing
Robert Wiltbank, Richard Sudek and Stuart Read


Angel Returns: A Case of Psychic Income?
Luann Bangsund

Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs: Do They Live Happily Ever After?
Veroniek Collewaert

Complementarities between Canadian Venture Capital Firms and Business Angels
Karras Hagglund and Allan Riding

How Entrepreneurs Seduce Business Angels: Finding a Balance between Overstated Expectations and Understated Aspirations
Annaleena Parhankangas and Michael A. Ehrlich

Interactive Papers

Valuation Practices of Informal Venture Capitalists: Beyond “Instinct” and “Intuition”
Ellen Farrell and Greg MacDonald

‘Making a Difference’: Smart Money, Business Angels and Critical Incidents in Business Development
Richard T. Harrison and Colin M. Mason

The Role of Investee Company Managers in Business Angels’ Post-Investment Involvement
Stephanie A. Macht and John Robinson



“This Deal is Dead!” A Longitudinal Study of VC Decision Making
Jeffrey S. Petty and Marc Gruber


Drivers of Spatial Proximity in Venture Capital Finance
Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Marko Bender, Christoph Kaserer and Eva Nathusius

What Happens to New Firms That Try, But Fail to Raise Venture Capital? A University Spinout Perspective
Harveen Chugh, Nicos Nicolaou, Yiannis Gabriel and Simon Barnes

The Influence of Local and Multinational Private Equity Firm Experience on the Exit of Internationally Funded Buyouts
Sofie De Prijcker and Sophie Manigart

Venture Capital Investment as Capital Market Signal in New Ventures at IPO: A Comparative Investigation of Venture Capitalist and Investment Bank Reputation Effects
Markus Fitza and Thomas J. Dean

When Venture Capital Syndication Goes Bad: The Social Network Consequences of Failed Investments
David Gras and Dimo Dimov

What Are Venture Capitalists’ Strategic Postures?
Dmitry Khanin and Ofir Turel

On the Value of the Agency Relationship between Prestigious VCs, Underwriters and Shareholders
Jill Kickul, Mark Griffiths and Siri A. Terjesen

Equity Traps: Near Equal Distribution of Cash Flow Incentives among Investors in Venture Capital Syndicates and the Performance of Start-up and VC Funds
Reddi Kotha

Is there an Optimum Rate of Investment of Venture Capital? A Study of 473 Venture Biotech Companies
Julian Lange, Evangelos Duros, Lulu Wang, Silvana Pencheva and William D. Bygrave

Europe’s Family Offices, Private Equity and Venture Capital
Benoit Leleux, Joachim Schwass and Albert Diversé

CVC from the Start-Up Perspective: A Quality or Mixed Signal?
Sharon Matusik, Michael B. Heeley and Markus Fitza

How do Philanthropic Venture Capitalists Choose their Portfolio Companies?
Mariarosa Scarlata and Luisa Alemany

Venture Risk and VC Investment: The Moderating Role of Lead Founder Leadership Style
Michael Song and Carla Pavone

Interactive Papers

What Are the Causes of CEOs’ Dissatisfaction with Venture Capitalists’ Assistance?
Dmitry Khanin and Ofir Turel

The Relative Performance of Venture Capital Backed and Non-Venture Capital Backed Firms
Roger Sørheim and Knut Reistad


Antecedents of Planning in Small and Entrepreneurial Ventures: Strategic Implications for Nascent Entrepreneurs
Charles H. Matthews, Mark T. Schenkel and Diana M. Hechavarria


It’s Not Only about What You Want, but Also How Much You Want it: Developing a New Theoretical Perspective on Entrepreneurial Motivation
Anne Canabal and Edward O’Donnell

The Effects of Real vs. Virtual Business Planning as Learning Process
Alain Fayolle, Narjisse Lassas-Clerc and Azzedine Tounés

Start-up Activities and New Venture Formation Among U.S. Nascent Entrepreneurs
Diana M. Hechavarria

Positive Psychological Capital and Growth Aspirations of Entrepreneurs
Sofia Kauko-Valli, Hannu Niittykangas and Mika Haapanen

How Entrepreneurship is Experienced: The Affective Nature of New Venture Creation
Mike Morris, David L. Brannon, Minet Schindehutte

Perceptions of Legitimacy in the Decision to Exploit: A Planned Behavior Framework
Paul F. Nagy and Tim R. Holcomb

The Entrepreneur-Activists: Challenging Unsustainable Business Practices
Isobel O’Neil

Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Overcoming the Competency Trap of Absorptive Capacity
Vinit Parida

Too Much of a Good Thing? Non-linear Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Venture Performance
Vinit Parida

Staying on the Path to Launch: Factors that Encourage Venture Advocate Behaviors
M. Kim Saxton and Todd Saxton

Entrepreneurial Intentions in the Working-Age Population: The Moderating Role of Age and Mediating Effect of Labor Market Mobility and Previous Organizational Affiliation
Erno T. Tornikoski, Teemu Kautonen and Frédéric Delmar

The Motivations of and Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs: A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurs in Venezuela, Vietnam, Turkey, Nigeria and the U.S.A.
Monica A. Zimmerman and Hung M. Chu

Interactive Papers

Recovering From Firm Failure: Evidence from Seven Cases
Pia Arenius and Riikka Franzén

Trust in Virtual Entrepreneurs
Jakob J. Assmann, Julia V. Gallenkamp, M. Audrey Korsgaard, Arnold Picot and Isabell M. Welpe

The Secrets of Success: The Role of Idea Sharing in Early Stage Entrepreneurship
Lakshmi Balachandra and Anthony R. Briggs

Entrepreneurship as an Identity Bridge: Responses to Discontinuous Life Events
James M. Haynie and Dean Shepherd

Determinants of Job Satisfaction across the EU-15: A Comparison of Self-Employed and Paid Employees
José María Millán, Jolanda Hessels, Rafael Aguado and Roy Thurik

Self-Employment Entry among Graduates - The Role of Human Capital in Employment Choice Decisions
Julian Propstmeier

Organizational Emergence and External Assistance: A Test of Theory of Guided Preparation
Erno T. Tornikoski and Scott L. Newbert



Entrepreneur Improvisational Behavior and New Venture Performance: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Keith M. Hmieleski

Start-up Intentions and Behavior of Necessity-Based Entrepreneurs: A Longitudinal Study
Noel J. Lindsay, Wendy A. Lindsay and Fredric Kropp

The Post-History of Entrepreneurs: Impact of Business Ownership Experience on Careers and Wages
Miguel T. Preto, Rui Baptista and Francisco Lima

Entrepreneurs’ Knowledge about Financing Alternatives: Impact of Human and Social Capital
Arnout Seghers, Sophie Manigart and Tom Vanacker

Entrepreneurial Bricolage: Towards Systematic Empirical Testing
Julienne Senyard, Ted Baker and Per Davidsson


Exploring the Character of Entrepreneur-Leaders: The Two Faces of Power
Ayman El Tarabishy, Marshall Sashkin and George Solomon

Understanding the Entrepreneur: An Index of Entrepreneurial Success
Harold O. Fried and Loren W. Tauer

Why, How, What For? Motivations, Actions and Expectations in Habitual Entrepreneurship
Scott R. Gordon and Paul R. Steffens

New Venture Start-Up versus Business Takeover: The Impact of Entrepreneurial Heterogeneity
David Helleboogh, Eddy Laveren, Ann Jorissen and Rudy Martens

Displays of Entrepreneurial Passion and Employees’ Commitment to New Ventures
Anja Klaukien and Nicola Breugst

Fear of Failure and Opportunity Exploitation
Anja Klaukien and Holger Patzelt

Entrepreneurial Human Capital and the Internal Organization of the Firm
Miguel T. Preto, Rui Baptista and Francisco Lima

Job Characteristics Theory: A Comparative Study of Novice and Repeat Entrepreneurs
Leon Schjoedt

Founding Team Capabilities and New Service Venture Performance: A Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidence
Lisa Z. Song and Gregory L. Storm

Does Prenatal Testosterone Predict Entrepreneurial Success? Relationships of 2D:4D and Business Success
Jens M. Unger, Andreas Rauch, Jayanth Narayanan, Sophie Weis and Michael Frese

Peeking into the Subjective Nature of Entrepreneurial Activity: Life Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs
Ronit Yitshaki and Sharon Landa

Interactive Papers

Lifers, Dabblers, and Hobbyists: How do they differ from Recent Entrepreneurs?
Amy E. Davis and Kelly G. Shaver

Entrepreneurial Affect and Perceived Stress: Self-Efficacy and Experience as Stress Buffers
Maw-Der Foo, Marilyn A. Uy and Zhaoli Song

Cleantech Entrepreneurs: Attributes, Intentions and Performance
Anders Isaksson

How Job Embeddedness Influences New Business Creation of Employee
Yiyuan Mai and Songan Zhou

Pathways to (Academic) Entrepreneurship: On the Roles of Personality, Early Entrepreneurial Competence in Adolescence, and Action-Control Beliefs in the Prediction of Entrepreneurial Intentions among Scientists
Martin Obschonka, Eva Schmitt-Rodermund and Rainer K. Silbereisen

Predicting Long-term Survival Chances of Newly Founded Business Ventures: Bearing Uncertainty versus Managing Uncertainty
Andreas Rauch


Exploring the Influence of Task-Specific Self-Efficacy on Opportunity Recognition Perceptions and Behaviors
SherRhonda R. Gibbs

Entrepreneurs and Perceptions of Compound Risk: Moderating Effects of Efficacy and Control Beliefs
Erik Monsen and Diemo Urbig

The Psychological Ownership of Entrepreneurial Organizations: Theoretical and Model Development
David M. Townsend, Dawn R. DeTienne, Ronit Yitshaki and Jonathan D. Arthurs


Towards an Alternative Theory of Entrepreneurial Success: Integrating Bricolage, Effectuation and Improvisation
Geoffrey R. Archer, Ted Baker and Rene Mauer

Exploring the Psychological Hardiness of Entrepreneurs
Reginald A. Bruce and Robert F. Sinclair

The Self-Regulatory Foundations of Entrepreneurial Ambidexterity
Peter T. Bryant

Deliberate Practices and Expert Performance in Entrepreneurs – Fiction or Fact?
Claire Burge, Marius Pretorius and Ingrid Le Roux

From Intent to Entrepreneurial Action among Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Students: The Need to Spread Outside the Business Schools
Denis J. Garand

Approaching the Agora - Determinants of Scientists’ Intention to Pursue Academic Entrepreneurship
Maximilian Goethner, Martin Obschonka, Rainer K. Silbereisen and Uwe Cantner

The Value-Added Contribution of Entrepreneurship Cognition Research: A Critical Review of Three Decades of Research
Denis A. Grégoire, Andrew C. Corbett and Jeffery S. McMullen

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: New Ends, New Means, New Selves
Susan S. Harmeling

The Roles of Entrepreneurial Alertness, Prior Knowledge and Social Networks in the Process of Opportunity Recognition
Ru-Mei Hsieh, Donna J. Kelley and Chang-Yung Liu

The “Switch” Hypothesis: Entrepreneur’s Intuitive Vs. Analytic Decision Making
Tori Yu-wen Huang and Vangelis Souitaris

Anger, Guilt or Shame? A Study of Emotional Responses to Firm Failure
Anna S. Jenkins and Ethel Brundin

Who Fails Over and Over Again and Who Learns From Failure?
Anna S. Jenkins

Overconfidence: A Matter of Risk Perceptions and Venture Creation
Anthony Robinson and Louis Marino

Entrepreneurial Knowledge in the Evaluation of Venture Creation Opportunities: The Effect of Different Knowledge Types on the Decision to Exploit
Jennifer C. Sexton and Tim R. Holcomb

Determining Entrepreneurial Commitment in the Pre-Entrepreneur
Robert F. Sinclair and Reginald A. Bruce

A Plea for Individually ‘Irrational’ Entrepreneurship: How Entrepreneurial Overconfidence Affects Payoffs of an Entrepreneurial Population
Diemo Urbig and Utz Weitzel

Interactive Papers

Individual Factors Influencing the Way Entrepreneurs Interpret an Opportunity
Zineb Aouni and Bernard Surlemont

Cognitive Biases and the Entrepreneurial Start-up Process
Jon C. Carr and Daniela Blettner

The Role of Burnout in Venture Failure
Joseph E. Coombs, Justin Webb and Brian Swider

Need for Cognition: An Investigation of the Use of Biases in Entrepreneurial Decision Making
Daniel Holland, Chris Reutzel, Gaylen N. Chandler and Bryson White

Emotions, Cognitions and the Individual-Opportunity-Nexus
Theresa Michl, Isabell M. Welpe, Matthias Spörrle and Arnold Picot

Build it and They’ll Be Entrepreneurial? Assessing the Influence of University Infrastructure on Faculty Members’ Entrepreneurial Intentions
Terri Standish-Kuon, Gina Colarelli O’Connor and Mark P. Rice


When Nice Guys Finish First: The Role of Reciprocal Altruism for Networking Performance and Commitment
Daniel Örtqvist


Innovative Choices among Successful Entrepreneurs
Celine Abecassis-Moedas and John E. Ettlie

Longitudinal Study of Entrepreneurial Networks: Changes in Network Ties and Resources
Pia Arenius and Katja Laitinen

Entrepreneurial Uncertainty: What Do Stakeholders Look For?
Douglas A. Bosse and Jeffrey S. Harrison

An Influence of the National Entrepreneurial Environment on Entrepreneur’s Network Activities
Tamara Galkina and Sören Kock

Structural Social Capital and the Cost of Raising Resources for Entrepreneurs: The Moderating Role of Shared Identity
Jane N. O. Khayesi, Gerard George and Erkko Autio

Advice to New Business Founders: Effects on Performance and Diminishing Marginal Returns
Lars Kolvereid, Espen John Isaksen and Hannes Ottósson

Intergenerational Transfer of Social Capital in Transnational Entrepreneurship
Mike Mustafa and Stephen Chen

Growth Dynamics in Technology-based Spin-offs Graduating from Public Incubators: Addressing the Challenges of Increasing the Rate of Growth-Oriented Firms
Frédéric Nlemvo, Didier Calcei and Mathieu Cabrol

Entrepreneur Network Development through Venture Emergence Process and Effects on Outcome
Hannes Ottósson

Doing It by Yourself: Entrepreneurial Failure, Deterioration of Social Capital and Entrepreneurial Reentry
Sharon Simmons

Network Dynamics in Early-Stage Entrepreneurship: A Panel Study of How Entrepreneurs’ Networks Change during Early Venture Development
Diane M. Sullivan, Cameron M. Ford and Jay J. Janney

Promoting Growth Entrepreneurship through E-Mentoring
Marja-Liisa Tenhunen and Irja Leppisaari

Interactive Papers

The Use of Social Capital by Solo-Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Teams in Innovative Industries
Uwe Cantner and Michael Stuetzer

The Social Environment and Entrepreneurial Intentions
Hannes Leroy, Johan Maes, Miguel Meuleman and Luc Sels

The Entrepreneur, the Organization and the World Out There: A Bibliometric Review of 1,239 Papers on Networks, Social Capital, Cooperation, Inter-organizational Relations, and Alliances in Entrepreneurship
Sean Patrick Sassmannshausen



Gender Differences in Rates of Business Exit: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study
Gry Agnete Alsos, Sara Carter and Elisabet Ljunggren

The Effect of Gender Stereotypes on Evaluation of New Entrepreneurial Ventures
Vishal K. Gupta and Daniel M. Turban

Women in Entrepreneurs’ Social Networks
Kim Klyver

Impact of Socio-Cultural Values and Traditions on the Growth of Women-Owned Enterprises in Pakistan
Muhammad Azam Roomi

Social Capital, Human Capital, and the Growth of Women-Owned Entrepreneurial Firms
Muhammad Azam Roomi

Interactive Papers

Examining the Feminine Nature of Venture Creation
Barbara Orser and Joanne Leck

Social Competence of Women Entrepreneurs: Moderating the Effect of Social-, Human- and Reputational Capital on Entrepreneurial Success
Monica A. Zimmerman and Crystal Xiangwen Jiang



Entrepreneurial Efforts by Immigrants: A Longitudinal Study for Portugal
Antonio Miguel Amaral and Joana Mendonça

Minority Entrepreneurs and Performance: Should Perceptions Matter?
Grace Kim

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Economic Development from Canada’s Proposed Mackenzie Gas Pipeline
Aldene H. Meis Mason, Leo-Paul Dana and Robert B. Anderson

Interactive Papers

The Rise and Fall of Joseph Cassey: How Environmental Munificence and Social Networks Enhance and Constrain Minority Entrepreneurship
Janine Black and TL Hill

Survival and Financing of Black Owned Start-Ups in the U.S.
Yunwei Gai and Maria Minniti

Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Institutional Change
Christos Kalantaridis, Grazyna Rembielak-Vitchev and Elena Vasilieva


Do You Care About Anything Else Other Than How Much You Get? A Look at the Employee Valence Factor for Non-financial and Financially Unconvertible Rewards in Entrepreneurial and Non-Entrepreneurial Firms
Bruce Kemelgor and Krishna Poudel


How does Structure Develop in New Ventures?
Dan K. Hsu, Alexander McKelvie, Larry Bennett and Steve Edelson

Venture Gestation Process and Firm Emergence: A Configurational Approach
Jianwen (Jon) Liao and Qian Ye

Are New Ventures Illegitimate, Disreputable, Untrustworthy, or Routineless: A Liability of Newness Review and Research Agenda
Franz Lohrke, Brian Nagy, Barbara Bird, Eileen Fischer and Rebecca Reuber

Properties of Emerging Organizations: Empirical Evidence from Norway
Tatiana S. Manolova, Linda F. Edelman, Candida G. Brush and Beate Rotefoss

Which Entrepreneur should own it? Extending Agency Theory to Explain Outlet Ownership in Franchising
Alexa A. Perryman and James G. Combs

Interactive Papers

The Determinants of Venture Performance in a Highly Dynamic Service Industry
Thierry Volery and Christine Schneider


Resilience in Entrepreneurial Teams: Developing the Capacity to Pull Through
Ruth Blatt

Resource Drain or Process Gains? Team Status Characteristics and Group Functioning among Startup Teams
Amy E. Davis, Howard E. Aldrich and Kyle C. Longest


The Ties that Bind: Performance Implications of Cohabitation and Blood Relationships among New Venture Team Members
David L. Brannon and Johan Wiklund

Disentangling the Effects of Venture Team Heterogeneity on Venture Success
Maximilian Goethner and Michael Stuetzer

Tacit Knowledge Transfer and Technology Commercialization: The Case of Science Based Entrepreneurial Firms
Mirjam Knockaert and Deniz Ucbasaran

Resources and the Team Formation Process
R. Isil Yavuz, Hans Rawhouser, Daniel P. Forbes and Mary E. Zellmer-Bruhn

Economic Outcomes of Founding-Team Human Capital and Innovation Strategy in Nascent Technological Ventures
Qian Ye, Melissa Baucus and David A. Dubofsky

Interactive Papers

“Never Go into Business with Friends”: When are Prior Ties Beneficial for Entrepreneurs?
Ruth Blatt

Individual Entrepreneurial Team Potential and Successful Team Composition
Christine Börsch

Managerial Decision-Making Disagreements and Performance in VC-Backed Firms
Truls Erikson and Bradley A. George



Is IPO the Death of Innovation?
Bradley A. George and Kimberly G. Nix

“Doing Well by Doing Good” - A Study of Ethical and Socially Responsible Practices among Entrepreneurial Ventures in an Emerging Economy
Noor Hazlina Ahmad


The Role of Agency in the VC Firms’ Investment Decision Making
Oksana Koryak, Julio de Castro and Laura Nuñez

Interactive Papers

Distractions, Monitoring, and Agency Costs in the Initial Public Offering
Jonathan D. Arthurs, Daeil Nam, Tom Dalziel and Robert E. White

A “Bully” In Its Own China Shop: The Impact of Abusive Entrepreneurial Leadership Behaviors on Employee Turnover and Firm Performance
Dale T. Eesley and Patricia Meglich

Resource Dependency and External Boards in High Tech Start-ups
Mirjam Knockaert and Deniz Ucbasaran


The Role of Negative Feedback in the Process of Opportunity Exploitation
Patricia S. Borchert and Linda Rochford

Buffering the Failure of New Product Development Projects: A Multi-Level Approach
Robin Buerger, Holger Patzelt and Lars Schweizer

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance in China: The Role of Resource Endowments
Qing Liu, Tatiana S. Manolova and Linda F. Edelman

The Attributes of Firm Growth - Why and Why Not a Firm Does Grow
Pekka Stenholm and Jouko Toivonen


The Liability of Shrinking Windows of Opportunity: Strategies for Technology Entrepreneurs
Nachiket Bhawe

Legitimizing the Natural Environment in SMEs: A Strategic Issue Interpretation Perspective
Clay Dibrell and Justin Craig

Effectuation & Newness: An Intertwined Relationship?
Christophe Garonne and Per Davidsson

Strategy Formation of Entrepreneurial Teams: A Longitudinal Study in Nascent Ventures
Dietmar Grichnik, Jan Brinckmann and Diana Kapsa

Does Business Planning Help Nascent Entrepreneurs? A Six Year Longitudinal Investigation of Nascent Business Planning and its Relation to Venture Performance
Benson Honig and Mikael Samuelsson

Cooperative Strategies of Technology-based Firms: The Role of Competitive Interactions during New Technology Commercialization
Mazhar Islam

Pricing for New Products and Services in New Technology-Based Ventures: An Empirical Investigation on Characteristics, Determinants, and Effects
Timo Moeller and Malte Brettel

Dodging Bullets: Opportunities and Threats in New Ventures
Elaine Mosakowski and David Gras

Not Fast Enough! Managing Decelerating Effect of New Knowledge on Speed of New Product Introductions
Pankaj C. Patel

The One Hit Wonders: Role of Knowledge Search Behaviors of Ventures in Reducing Post-IPO Failure
Pankaj C. Patel

Direct and Moderating Effects of Top Management Team Characteristics on Strategic Entrepreneurial Behavior and Performance of Small ICT Ventures
Victor Scholten, Jeroen Hermans and Michaela Schippers

Linking Resource Acquisition and Development Processes to Resource-Based Advantage: Bricolage and the Resource-Based View
Paul R. Steffens and Julienne Senyard

The Exhibition of Entrepreneurially-Oriented Behaviors as a Predictor of New Entry in Small Firms
William J. Wales and Johan Wiklund

Does Legitimacy Really Matter for New Ventures?
Tang Wang

Interactive Papers

Linking Entrepreneurial Strategy and Firm Growth
Johan Bruneel, Bart Clarysse and Mike Wright

Understanding Entrepreneurial Exit during Organization Emergence: An Integration of Strategic and Behavioral Perspectives
William B. Gartner, Jianwen (Jon) Liao and Casey J. Frid

Taking a Closer Look at the Wings of the Butterfly - An Empirical Investigation on Competitive Strategies of Technology-Based New Ventures
Nikolaus Hagenberg

The Fallacy of Growth: Affording Sustainable Strategies for a Businesses Lifelong Existence
Frank La Pira, Carmine Bianchi and Graham W. Winch

How to Develop Successful First-Products in Chinese New Ventures
Dirk Libaers, Lisa Z. Song and Michael Song

Founding Context, Business Model and Performance of New Ventures in Emerging Economies – A Longitudinal Study
Indrajit Mukherjee, Sougata Ray and Raveendra Chittoor


Exploring Non-Linear Effects of Family Ownership and Involvement on Profitability: A Longitudinal Study on Non-Listed Companies
Salvatore Sciascia and Pietro Mazzola


Governance and Environmental Performance in Family-Controlled Public Corporations
Pascual Berrone, Cristina Cruz, Luis Gomez-Mejia and Martin Larraza Kintana

Entrepreneurial Orientation across Generations in Family Firms: The Role of Owner-Centric Culture for Proactiveness and Autonomy
Ethel Brundin, Mattias Nordqvist and Leif Melin

The Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Psychological Outcomes for Family and Non-Family Businesses
Jon C. Carr and Keith M. Hmieleski

Solving the Paradox: A Multi Faceted Approach to Corporate Entrepreneurship in Family Firms
Cristina Cruz and Rachida Justo

Strong Ties versus Weak Ties in Family Business Background and Social Networks in Nascent Ventures
Mark T. Schenkel and Charles H. Matthews

Family Ownership and Involvement: Exploring Nonlinear Effects on Internationalization
Salvatore Sciascia, Pietro Mazzola, Joseph Astrachan and Torsten Pieper

Family Portfolio Entrepreneurship
Philipp Sieger, Robert S. Nason, Thomas M. Zellweger and Mattias Nordqvist

Interactive Papers

Planning and Successor Characteristics as Determinants of Successful Ownership Transfer in SME’s: An Empirical Study
Marta Berent, Lorraine M. Uhlaner, Petra Gibcus and Niek Timmermans

Accession Tournaments: The Application of a Game Theory Derivative to the Multi-Dimensional Family Business Accession Process
Justin Craig and Clay Dibrell


Looking Beyond The Local Ties: Examination of the Industry Network Structure’s Role in the Imprinting of Newcomers’ Status
Hana Milanov


When Networks Matter: Network Content and Innovation Output
Irem Demirkan and David L. Deeds

They are the Sum of Their Options: How Networks Direct Attention in Young & New Firms
James M. Haynie, Alexander McKelvie, Shoko Kato and Joy Godesiabois

Responding to Key Challenges and Crises in High-Velocity Environments: Coping Mechanisms of High Growth Firms
Julia Prats and Marc Sosna

Interactive Papers

Relationship Strategies for Entrepreneurial Alliances
Patrick E. Heflin

Breaking Up is Hard to do: Examining the Role of Partner Changes on Strategic Alliance Outcomes
Franz Lohrke and Barbara Bird

Business Support within Business Incubators
Tiago Ratinho, Rainer Harms and Aard Groen


From Entrepreneurship to Economic Development: Celebrating Ten Years of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
Zoltan J. Acs, José Ernesto Amorós, Niels S. Bosma and Jonathan Levie

Driving Forces behind Entrepreneurship: Differences on Entrepreneurship Rate Level and Its Volatility across Countries
José Ernesto Amorós, Oscar Cristi and Maria Minniti


Entrepreneurship, Urbanization Economies and Productivity of Regions; A Multilevel Approach Applied to European Regions
Niels S. Bosma

Entrepreneurial Potentiality in the Process of Opportunity Realization: Modeling and Testing of Multiple-Level Emergence
Min-Seok Cha and Zong-Tae Bae

Why Do Entrepreneurs Write Business Plans? A Study of 457 New Ventures
Julian Lange, Alexander Perdomo, Chang Suh, Qing Zhao and William D. Bygrave

Rural and Urban Establishment Births and Deaths Using the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Information Tracking Series
Lawrence A. Plummer and Brian Headd

The Production of Entrepreneurial Opportunity: A Constructivist Perspective
Matthew S. Wood and William McKinley

Interactive Papers

Opportunities and Rents: The Relationship among Routines, Path Dependence, and Sustained Competitive Advantage
Sharon Alvarez and Simon Parker

Innovating in Opaque Environments: The Performance Implications of Venture Origin in Uncertain and Ambiguous Environments
Steven W. Bradley, Kimberly G. Nix and Kendall W. Artz

Bounding Novelty: The Role of Selective Learning in the Development of Entrepreneurial Knowledge
Anthony R. Briggs

Transacting, Opportunities and Entrepreneurship
J. Robert Mitchell, Adam D. Bailey, Benjamin T. Mitchell and Ronald K. Mitchell

The Dynamic Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing Industries
Jose M. Plehn-Dujowich and Dunli Li

Opportunity Recognition in the Post-Bubble Period: Technology Bundling, Resource High-Jacking and Market Lock-In Mechanisms in Skype and YouTube
Rok Stritar, Mateja Drnovšek and Joakim Wincent


Composite Definitions of Entrepreneurial Opportunity and Their Operationalizations: Toward a Typology
David J. Hansen, Rodney Shrader and Javier Monllor

Testing and Refining a Creativity-Based Model of Opportunity Recognition
David J. Hansen and G.T. Lumpkin


Entrepreneurial Management Practices: An Empirical Investigation of Alertness to Opportunity
Lilla Hortovanyi and Miklós Dobák

Effort of Private Equity in Buyouts
Arjen Mulder and Hans Bruining

A 2x2 Conceptual Foundation for Entrepreneurial Discovery Theory
Patrick J. Murphy and Harold P. Welsch

Countervailing Effects of Innovation Proactiveness In SMEs
Thorsten Teichert and Thomas Lechler

Older but Not Always Wiser: The Disordinal Implications of Firm Age and Experience for Leveraging Capabilities for Innovation
Michael C. Withers and Paul L. Drnevich


Human Resource Management and International New Ventures from Emerging Markets
Susanna Khavul, George S. Benson and Deepak K. Datta


Nascent Entrepreneurs’ Perceptions of Entrepreneurial Climate in Latvia and the United States
Jurgita Baltrusaityte-Axelson

Is Emotional Intelligence the Most Intoxicating Factor in the Entrepreneurial Success Equation?
Nikolinka Fertala

Internationalization and the IPO Performance of New Ventures
Joseph A. LiPuma

Performance Consequences of Internationalization Ambidexterity in Entrepreneurial Firms: The Effect of Absorptive Capacity
Nina Rosenbusch, Verena Müller and Andreas Bausch

Access to Credit and Performance of Female Entrepreneurs in Latin America
Swetlena Sabarwal and Katherine Terrell

Venturing Offshore: The Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms’ Back Office Activities
Siri A. Terjesen and Ajay Bhalla

Interactive Papers

The Role of Experience in the Internationalization Process of French New Ventures
Mathieu Cabrol, Frederic Nlemvo and Arild Aspelund


Risky Information Exchange: How Network Position can Cause Difficulties for Corporate Innovation
Sergey Anokhin, Daniel Örtqvist, Sara Thorgren and Joakim Wincent

Corporate Venturing Governance, Knowledge Flows and Performance
Yi Yang, Shinichirou Nomoto and Sam Kurokawa


Should I Stay or Should I Go? Managing Interdependencies between Exploration and Exploitation
Heidi Bertels and Peter A. Koen

Effects of Leadership Behavior on Employees’ Affect and Their Entrepreneurial Creativity
Tobias Kollmann and Carina Lomberg

An Assessment of the Perceived Impact of Corporate Entrepreneurship Characteristics and Key Elements of a Corporate Business System on the Development of a Radical Innovation Management System: The Korean Vs. U.S. Experience
Yoo-Taek Lee, Youngsoo Kim and Mark P. Rice

Managing the EO-Firm Performance Relationship: The Role of Human Resource Management
Jake G. Messersmith and William J. Wales

Risk, Uncertainty and Participation in Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Moderating Effects of Organizational Identification and Entrepreneurial Orientation
Erik Monsen, Todd Saxton and Jeffrey S. Hornsby

Interactive Papers

The Dynamics of Educational Entrepreneurship in Public Sector Schools
Ruty Keren Moskovitz and Miri Lerner

Mobility as a Trigger of Corporate Entrepreneurship: a Study of the Congruence of Different Role-Holders’ Views
Erik Lundmark and Magnus Klofsten

The More You Know, The Harder You Fall? Social Capital, Overconfidence and Escalation of Commitment in Corporate Venturing
Marcel Perez-Carron

Entrepreneurial Leadership - Construct Refinement and Scale Development
Maija Renko, Ayman El Tarabishy and Alan R. Carsrud

Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Learning Process and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Transition Economy
Xin Zheng and Donna J. Kelley


Spinoff Diffusion
Konstantinos Pitsakis and Vangelis Souitaris

Interactive Papers

The Influence of Governmental Institutions on the Likelihood of an Individual Becoming an Entrepreneur
Michael D. Crum and Stephan F. Gohmann



The Organisational Goals of Social Entrepreneurs: How Social are they?
Nathalie Moray and Robin Stevens


High Growth NFP’s: A Model of Entrepreneurial, Financial and Social Orientation
Edward Gamble and Peter W. Moroz

From Success to Failure: A Case Study of an Award Winning Social Entrepreneur
Robin Stevens, Nathalie Moray and Yves Fassin

Social? Sustainable? Entrepreneurship? A First Look at Mental Prototyping of “Social” Entrepreneurship
Dianne H.B. Welsh and Norris Krueger

Collective Action without Selective Incentives: How Self-selected Stakeholders in the Entrepreneurial Process Create a Surplus of the Commons
Jeffrey G. York

Interactive Papers

Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurial Firms: An Exploration of Exit Strategies
Dawn R. DeTienne and Yolanda S. Sarason

Anticipated Outcome Emotions & Cognitive Appraisal: Assessing Social & Economic Dimensions of Social Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Norris Krueger and Dietmar Grichnik



Distinguishing Extreme vs. Average Performance in Nascent Firms: Putting Risk Back into Entrepreneurship Research
Fabrice L. Cavarretta and Alicia Robb

Stock Exchange Listing and Performance of French SMEs: What is The Impact of Shareholding Structure?
Nazik Fadil and Javed Ghulam Hussain

Measuring Cross-National Invariance of the Entrepreneurial Orientation Scale
John Hansen, George Dietz, Louis Marino, Patrick Kreiser and K. Mark Weaver

Reconceiving the Gestation Window: The Consequences of Competing Definitions of Firm Conception and Birth
Claudia B. Schoonhoven, M. Diane Burton and Paul D. Reynolds

Interactive Papers

Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell? The Use of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Data in Academic Research
Heiko Bergmann, Susan Müller and Thomas Schrettle

New Firm Formation in the Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil: The Determinants and Consequences for the Local Development
Mario Duarte Canever and André Carraro


The Effect of Business or Enterprise Training on Opportunity Recognition and Entrepreneurial Skills of Graduates and Non-graduates in the UK
Jonathan Levie, Mark Hart and Michael Anyadike-Danes


Fostering Entrepreneurial Behavior Through Entrepreneurship Education: Impact of Specialization and Diversity in Educational Initiatives
Dev K. Dutta, Jun Li and Michael Merenda