Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research -- 1986

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
1986 Edition

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  • Comparative Characteristics
  • Career Paths and Education
  • Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • Venture Financing
  • Special Start-Up Factors and Support Program
  • Incubators
  • Success Profiles
  • Entrepreneurial Environments
  • High Technology
  • Corporate Venturing


    Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

    Sponsored by

    Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
    Babson College
    Wellesley, Massachusetts 02157

    Edited by

    Babson College

    Babson College

    Babson College

    University of Washington

    Babson College 1986


    1. Entrepreneurship: A Culturally Appropriate Combination of Craft and Opportunity, Rein Peterson and Norman R. Smith

    2. Some Psychological Characteristics of Successful Norwegian Entrepreneurs, John A. Hornaday and Petter Knutzen.

    3. Field Study of Start-Up Ventures--Part II: Predicting Initial Success, Robert Stuart and Pier A. Abetti.

    4. Validation of a Personality Index: Comparative Psychological Characteristics Analysis of Female Entrepreneurs, Managers, Entrepreneurship Students and Business Students, Donald L. Sexton and Nancy B. Bowman.

    5. Characteristics of Collegiate Entrepreneurs and Their Ventures, John D. Van Slooten, Robert Layne Hild and H. Keith Hunt.

    6. The Irish Entrepreneur: Characteristics, Problems, and Future Success, Robert D. Hisrich and Barra O'Cinneide.

    7. Characteristics of Entrepreneurs in Cali, Rodrigo Varela V.

    8. Australian Entrepreneurs: Perceptions of Problem Severity, Risk Propensities and Social Responsibility Attitudes, 0. Jay Krasner.

    9. The Influence of Risk-Taking as a Cognitive Judgmental Behavior of Small business Success, Patricia Peacock.

    Singapore: An Exploratory Study, Dennis M. Ray.

    11. Psychological Characteristics Associated With Entrepreneurial Performance, Thomas M. Begley and David P. Boyd.


    Contemporary Entrepreneurship: Towards A Female Paradigm, Lois Stevenson.

    Entrepreneurial Behavior: What Do Entrepreneurs Do?, Barbara J. Bird.

    Culture and Entrepreneurial Ideology: The Case of French Canada, Yvon Gasse.


    12. Entrepreneurship Behavioral Intentions and Student Independence, Characteristics and Experiences, Gerald E. Hills and Harold Welsch.

    13. An Empirical Test of Ten Entrepreneurial Propositions, Jeffrey C. Shuman, John A. Seeger, Judith B. Kamm and Nicholas C. Teebagy.

    14. Learning Styles of Successful Entrepreneurs, John E. Bailey.

    15. The Differences Between Small Firms Started by Male and Female Entrepreneurs Who Attended Small Business Course, Sue Birley, Caroline Moss and Peter Saunders.


    Students Planning Entrepreneurial Careers and Students Not Planning Entrepreneurial Careers: A Comparative Analysis, Roger W. Hutt and Barry L. Van Hook.

    Entrepreneurs in Education: What the University Can Learn From Them, James R. Wilburn and John D. Nicks, Jr.

    Following a Theoretical Road Map as a Venture Development Strategy, John G. Tapp and W. Ed McMullan.

    16. Entrepreneurs Mentors, Networks, and Successful New Venture Development: An Exploratory Study, Alan L. Carsrud, Connie Marie Gaglio, and Kenneth W. Olm.


    New Venture Creation A Network Approach, Bengt. Johannisson.

    . Social Behavior and Entrepreneurial Networks, Howard Aldrich, Ben Rosen, and William Woodward.

    An Assessment of the Use of Venture Capitalists as Mentors in Entrepreneurial First Ventures, Richard K. Hay and Michelle J. Walker.


    17. The Effects of Strategy and Industrial Structure On New Venture Performance, William R. Sandberg and Charles W. Hofer.

    18. The Small Firm - Set at the Start, Sue Birley.

    19. Entrepreneurship By Leveraged Buy-Out: Some Preliminary Hypotheses, James M. Kelly, Robert A. Pitts and Bong Shin.

    20. The Level of Job Satisfaction That New Zealand Entrepreneurs Had With Their Previous Jobs, Robert H. Brockhaus and Bruce R. Dixon.

    21. Gritty and Flashy Entrepreneurship in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, David N. Allen, Eugene J. Bazan and Janet Hendrickson-Smith.

    22. Explained and Unexplained Differences in Comparative State Business Starts and Start Rates, William J. Dennis, Jr.

    23. Origins of Successful Start-Up Ventures, D. Kirk Neiswander and John M. Drollinger.

    24. Envisioning New Business: How Entrepreneurs Perceive the Benefits of Visualization, Edward H. Rockey.


    Sustaining the Entrepreneurial Vision In Cooperative Firms, Ivan E. Brown, Jr.

    Managerial Roles and New Venture Creation, William J. Scheela.


    25. Entrepreneurial Qualities Considered in Venture Capital Support, L. N. Goslin and B. Barge.

    26.Venture Capital in a New Era: A Simulation of the Impact of Changes in Investment Patterns, Howard H. Stevenson, Daniel F. Muzyka and Jeffry A. Timmons.

    27. Characteristics Distinguishing Funded From Unfunded Business Plans Evaluated By Venture Capitalists, Ian C. MacMillan and P. N. Subba Narasimha.

    28. What Do Venture Capitalists Do?, Michael Gorman and William A. Sahlman.

    29. Networking Among Venture Capital Firms, William D. Bygrave and Jeffry A. Timmons.


    The Historic Role of SBICs in Financing the Young and Growing Company, Gerald L. Feigen and Lloyd M. Arrington, Jr.

    High Marketing and Low Technology = Big Money, Ray Jurkovich.

    Start-Up Conditions: Differences Between Independent Business Units and Corporate Ventures, Diana L. Day and Jerome Katz.


    30. facilitating New Venture Development Through Market and Design Feasibility Study, Wayne A. Long and Nobuoki Ohtani.

    31. Opportunities and Obstacles: A Study of Start-Ups and Their Development, Christer Olofsson, Gunnar Petersson and Clas Wahlbin.

    The Incapaciousness Syndrome: The Entrepreneur's Two-Edged Sword, John R. Stuteville.

    Problems With Product Tax Exemptions as a Basis for Entrepreneurial Strategy, Ernest R. Nordtvedt and Joseph J. Melnick.

    Student Legal Assistance for New Ventures, Catherine A. Brown and W. Ed McMullan.


    32. The Begatting Begins: Incubation Patterns in the Developing Health Science and Biomedical Industry in the San Diego Area, Daryl G. Mitton.

    33. Incubator Center Evolution--The Next Five to Ten Years, Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Lee Ogden and Frank S. Hoy.


    The Akron-Summit Incubator Experience: A Comparative Analysis, Joseph C. Latona.


    34. Software Venture Teams, Richard D. Teach, Fred A. Tarpley, Jr. and Robert G. Schwartz.

    35. Optimists and Pessimists: 2994 Entrepreneurs and Their Perceived Chances For Success, Arnold C. Cooper, William C. Dunkelbera and Carolyn Y. Woo.

    36. Patterns and Profilesof Entrepreneurs: Data From Entrepreneurship Forums, Daniel R. Denison and Joanne M. Alexander.

    37. Organizations: Predicting Contributions and Survival, Paul D. Reynolds.


    38. The Environment for Entrepreneurship, John E. Jackson and David J. Brophy.

    39. The Development and Testing of an Organizational- Level Entrepreneurship Scale, Jeffrey G. Covin and Dennis P. Slevin.

    40. New Firms in Less-Favored European Regions, Gerald P. Sweeney.


    41. Technical Entrepreneurs Are They Different? Donald D. Myers and Daryl J. Hobbs.

    42. Patterns of Failure Among Silicon Valley High Technology Firms, Albert V. Bruno, Joel K. Leidecker and Joseph W. Harder.


    Factors Influencing the Intermediate Success of New High Technology Businesses, Daniel M. Spitzer, Jr. and Raymond Radosevich.

    The Evolution of High-Tech Entrepreneurial Firms in Canada, Farhad Simyar.

    The Evolution of Marketing Systems in Technology Intensive Manufacturing Companies, David A. Boag.


    43. Corporate Venturing in Sweden: A Survey of Practices, Attitudes, Obstacles and Performance, Zenas Block and Gary Ruff.

    44. An Invitation to Innovate New Venture Creation In the Health Care Industry, Courtney Price.


    Characteristics and Expectations of Suppliers of "Informal" Venture Capital in Ontario, Canada, Andrew J. Szonyi and Greg Leach.

    Entrepreneurship and Strategic Change, Leif Melin.

    Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Larae Firms in Canada, Russell M. Knight.

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