Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research -- 1992

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
1992 Edition

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  • The Coleman Foundation Award Winning Conference Paper
  • The Entrepreneur
  • Managerial Characteristics of the Entrepreneur
  • Personal Characteristics of the Entrepreneur
  • Cognitive Process Characteristics
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Startups
  • Role of Universities and Others in Startups
  • Entrepreneurial Growth
  • Entrepreneurial Financing
  • Angels
  • Exit Strategies/Other Financing
  • International Studies
  • Entrepreneurship in Eastern and Central Europe and Emerging Countries
  • Corporate Venturing and Franchising
  • Franchising
  • Other Research Studies
  • Miscellaneous


    Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

    Sponsored by

    Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
    Babson College
    Babson Park, Massachusetts 02157-0310

    and Cosponsored by

    European Institute of Business Administration
    F-77305 Fontainebleau, France

    Edited by

    Neil C. Churchill
    Babson College

    Sue Birley
    Imperial College

    William D. Bygrave
    Babson College

    Daniel E Muzyka

    Clas Wahlbin
    Linkoping University

    William E. Wetzel, Jr.
    University of New Hampshire

    Babson College 1992


    1. New Ventures: How Risky Are They?, Robert H. Keeley and Lassaad A. Turki.



    2. The Development of an Entrepreneurial Leadership Paradigm for Enhancing New Venture Success, Alan J. Grant.

    3. Entrepreneurial Search: Alternative Theories of Behavior, Carolyn Woo, Timothy B. Folta and Arnold C. Cooper.


    Marketing Orientation and the Owner-Managed Firm, Sue Birley and Bashir El-Rayyes.

    An Analysis of the Critical Decisions Made by Entrepreneurs During the Early Years of Their Enterprise, Richard H. Buskirk.

    Decision Styles and Entrepreneurial Success Factors: Relationship Between Style and the Structure of Organizations, Product Lines, and Environments Among INC. 500 Firms, Michael J. Driver and Larry E. Pate.

    Trying Again: A Comparison of Novice and Experienced Entrepreneurs, Scott Shane, Lars Kolvareid and Paul Westhead.

    Reaching the Sweet Spot: Rapid Growth in New Ventures, Stephen S. Stumpf.


    4. Attitudinal and Situational Differences Between National Laboratory Inventors and Inventor-Entrepreneurs, Mark Allen, Suleiman Kassicieh, Raymond Radosevich and Jonathan Soderstrom .

    5. Personality Predictors of Entrepreneurship by Outplaced Managers, Robert Folger, Tom Timmerman and Kevin Wooten.

    6. Stratification Sources of Entrepreneurship Recruitment, Miri Lerner.

    7 . 'The Entrepreneurial Identity: Application of Identity Structure Analysis to the Study of Entrepreneurship, Anita MacNabb, Jackie McCoy, Mehroo Northover and Peter Weinreich.

    Young Entrepreneurs: How They Start Their Business, Jean Lorrain, Andre Belley and Louis Dussault .


    8. Cognitive Processes: Is the Entrepreneur Different?, Leslie E. Palich and D. Ray Bagby .


    Cognitive Factors in Entrepreneurial Persistence, Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Kelly G. Shaver and William B. Gartner.


    9. External Innovation: Firm Expansion and Management Style, Brian R. Chambers.

    10. Entrepreneurs and Opportunity Recognition, Connie Marie Gaglio and Richard P. Taub.

    Learning Heurisitic on Product Innovation Process: It Is More Than Making a New Product, Elena Ai-Yuan Yang and Deborah Dougherty.

    11. The Nineteenth-Century Entrepreneur as Social Actor: The Case of the Merchant and Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, Mark Lehrer.

    Physically Disabled Entrepreneurs - Canada, Israel, U.S.A.: Opportunities, Motivation, Obstacles and Risk Propensities, Jerome Doutriaux , 0. Jay Krasner, Steve L. Krasner and Miri Lerner.

    Towards a Typology of Enterprising Women in Poor Communities, Uschi Kraus-Harper.



    12. The Effects of Industry and Founding Strategy on New Firm Survival, Nancy M. Carter, Timothy M. Steams, Paul D. Reynolds and Mary Williams.

    13. New Venture Formations in Manufacturing Industries: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis, Thomas J. Dean and G. Dale Meyer.

    14. The African-American Family Recording Enterprise: A Nexus to Community Development, S. Alease Ferguson .

    15. Finding the Nascent Entrepreneur: Network Sampling and Entrepreneurship Gestation, Paul D. Reynolds and Sammis B. White.

    16. Knowledge and Entrepreneurship, Usamah Shahwan.


    Regional Characteristics and New Finn Formation, Per Davidsson, Leif Lindmark and Christer Olofsson.


    17. Educational Training For Women and Minority Entrepreneurs Positively Impacts Venture Growth and Development, Courtney Price and Stuart Monroe.

    Motivation of Academic Entrepreneurs and Spin-Off Development: Analysis of Regional and University Effects Through Case Studies, Jerome A. Doutriaux and George E. Dew.

    The Role of Structured Intervention in Shaping Graduate Entrepreneurship, Patricia Fleming.

    Stimulating Entrepreneurship: Mechanisms for New Venture Creation, Stephen Harvey and Richard T. Harrison.

    The Role of Central Support Agencies in the Development of Small Regional Businesses, Sandra Hogarth-Scott and Mark A. Jones.

    Intervention Mechanisms Utilized by Business Incubators to Influence the Critical Success Factors of New Ventures: An Exploratory Study, Mark P. Rice and Pier A. Abetti.

    The Start-Up Entrepreneur in a University Related Research Park: Is There Evidence of University Induced Synergy?, Patricia A. Wheeler.



    18. 'The Changing Pattern of Entrepreneurship in a Rapidly Developing Nation: Thailand 1979-1988, A Preliminary Working Paper, Stephen J. Appold and John D. Kasarda.

    19. Discerning Among Rival Theories of Growth Planning in Entrepreneurial Finns: A Qualitative Analysis, S. Michael Camp and Donald L. Sexton.

    20. New Firm Growth and the Role of Founding Circumstances, Richard Cardozo, Alexander Ardishvili, Paul Reynolds and Brenda Miller.

    21. Barriers to Small Firm Growth, Michael Hay.

    22. Network Organizations and Venture Creation: A Case Study of Model American Computer Corporation, Jeffrey C. Shuman and Anthony F. Buono.

    Location Decisions of Rural New Ventures: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Industry Comparisons, McRae C. Banks and Kenneth P. Dupre.

    New Venture Performance in the Digital Signal Processing Industry,

    Ted R. Dinterman and Pieter A. VanderWerf.

    Urban Versus Rural Location: Its Effects on Growth and Survival in Different Industries With a Cross Cultural Comparison to Measure Generalizability, Dean S. Ellis and Stuart Miller.

    Strategic Planning and Financial Performance in the UK SMEs: Does Formality Matter?, Peter McKiernan and Clare Morris.

    Competitive Advantage of Small Finns: Manufacturing in New Hampshire, William Naumes, Michael J. Merenda, Allen Kauffman and Craig Wood.

    New Venture Growth: The Impact of Networks, Competitive Strategy and Industry, Tone A. Ostgaard and Sue Birley.

    The Effect of TQM Implementation on Emerging Supplier Firms, Barbara Price, Kelly Price and T. P. Enright.



    23. The Performance of Publicly Traded European Venture Capital Companies, Sophie Manigart, Peter Joos and Donaat De Vos.

    24. Venture Capital Strategies in Europe and the U.S.: Adapting to the 1990's, Juan B. Roure, Robert H. Keeley and Thomas F. Keller.

    Why Don't Venture Capitalists Add Value? Or Do They? Oystein Fredriksen, Christer Olofsson and Clas Wahlbin.

    Criteria Used by Venture Capitalists: A Cross Cultural Analysis, Russell M. Knight.

    Venture Capital and the Governance of New Enterprise: The Decision to Go Public, Joshua Lerner.

    Have UK Venture Capital Firms a Bias Against Investment in Technology- Related Companies?, Gordon C. Murray and Jonathan Lott.

    Need Judgemental Accuracy Be Regarded as Evidence of Cognitive Awareness? The Venture Capitalists' Case, Hernan Riquelme and Tudor Rickards.

    Venture Capitalist Involvement in Portfolio Companies: A Study of 221 Portfolio Companies in Four Countries, Harry J. Sapienza, Sophie Manigart and Lanny Herron.

    The Venture Capitalist as a Professional Owner, Marko Seppa, Juha Nasi and Gisli Reynisson.

    The Development of the Venture Capital Industry, Especially the Seed Capital Market, in Germany, Udo Wupperfeld.


    25. The Investment Attitudes, Behavior and Characteristics of High Net Worth Individuals, John Freear, Jeffrey E. Sohl and William E. Wetzel, Jr.

    26. The Roles of Investors in Entrepreneurial Companies: A Comparison of Informal Investors and Venture Capitalists, Richard T. Harrison and Colin M. Mason.


    27. Verification of Ajzen and Madden's Model to Explain and Predict the Decision of Quebec Entrepreneurs to Go Public, Jocelyn J.-Y. Desroches and Jean-Charles Chebat.


    Business & Proprietor Characteristics, Complementary Financial Sources & Bank Lending: The Case of UK Business Starts, Robert Cressy.

    The Credit Crunch: Are Federal Policies Putting Entrepreneurial Finns on a Debt Diet?, Jon P. Goodman and Kathleen R. Allen.

    A Test of the Ersatz Venture Capital Hypothesis: Applying an Amended Theory of Entrepreneurial Business Planning to the Survival and Development of an Insolvent Enterprise, Kevin Hindle, Robert Mittag and Murray Gillin.

    The Financial Performance of Equity Carveouts: The Empirical Evidence, Robert Kleiman, Sadi M. Bazaz and W. Florence Chai.

    Capital Structure Dynamics Among Small Firms: A Life Cycle Hypothesis, Joel M. Shulman, Rick Cooper and David Brophy.



    28. Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Technology-Intensive Firm: Growth Through Linkage Development, Nicole Coviello and Hugh Munro.

    29. Cultural Values and Entrepreneurship, Per Davidsson and Frederic Delmar.

    Fundamental Dysfunctions Affecting Entrepreneurship in French and Brazilian Technological Enterprises: An "In Depth" Study, Marcelo A. Lima and Maria C. Lima.

    A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Internationalization and Changes in Strategy on Changes in New Venture Performance, Patricia P. McDougall and Benjamin M. Oviatt.

    Female Entrepreneurs in the United States and Japan: A Study of Perceived Differences, Takeru Ohe, Shuji Honjo, Yasuko Okada and Koichi Miura.

    International Opportunity Identification and Assessment: An Observer- Participant Study of Chinese Entrepreneurs Entering the Vietnamese Market, Dennis M. Ray and Wong Soke Yin.

    German and U.S. Based Technology Entrepreneurs: A Study of Differences, Robert G. Schwartz, Richard D. Teach, Lloyd Southern, Fahard Ghannadian, Fred A. Tarpley, Jr. and Heinz Ulrich Brinkmann.


    30. Planning and Building the Infrastructure for Technological Entrepreneurship - Part II: Field Studies in Poland, Pier A. Abetti, Frederick M. O'Such and Sylwester Porowski.

    3 I. A Virus Theory of Organizational Transformation, Frank Hoy, Miroslav Pivoda and Svatopluk Machrle.

    32. The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Business Practices: Experiences from New Private Ventures in Eastern Germany, Thomas Kollermeier.

    33. The Emergence of an Entrepreneurial Class in Russia: A Survey of New Russian Entrepreneurs, Daniel J. McCarthy, Sheila M. Puffer and Stanislav V. Shekshnia .

    Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: The Case of West Africa, Yvon Gasse and Abdoulaye NDiaye.

    Entrepreneurs in Poland's Emerging Market System: Strategic Survival Factors, Gerald E. Hills, Harold P. Welsch and Jerzy Dietl.

    Pizza Hut in the Former Soviet Union: Strategic Capability and Global Entrepreneurship, Sandra Honig-Haftel, Ronald L. Christy and Andy Rafalat.

    Entrepreneurship Development in Emerging Democracies: A Five City Comparison, Frank Hoy, Charles E. Bishop, Monika Harrison and Susan M. Anderson.

    Family Impacts on Emerging Ventures in Poland, Harold Welsch, Gerald Hills and Frank Hoy.



    34. Desirable Disappointments: Capitalizing on Failures in New Corporate Ventures, Rita Gunther McGrath, S. Venkataraman, Ian C. MacMillan and Oliver Boulind.

    35. Individualism-Collectivism and Corporate Entrepreneurship: Cross-Cultural Comparisons, Michael H. Mori-is, Leyland F. Pitt, Duane L. Davis and Jeffrey A. Allen.


    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Programs for the Development of Corporate Entrepreneurship, John E. Bailey.

    Innovation in the Distribution System: The Case of Book Distribution, Paola Dubini.

    Success and Failure: One Firm's Last Two Corporate Ventures, Karl A. Egge.

    Entrepreneurial Intensity and the Adoption of Process Innovations: The Case of Small Manufacturing Firms, Elisabeth Lefebvre and Louis A. Lefebvre.

    Corporate Entrepreneurship as Organized Activity: The Innovation Process in Financial Companies, Jon Sundbo.


    36. Partnership Franchising: Maximizing the Entrepreneurial and Financial Leverage in Franchising, William D. Bygrave and Stephen Spinelli, Jr.

    The Effect of Market Environment on Franchisee Goals and Franchisor Services, Ravi S. Achrol and Michael J. Etzel.

    Encouraging Entrepreneurship by Franchisees: An Aid to Franchise System Growth?, Thomas C. Dandridge and Cecilia M. Falbe.

    International Expansion by Australian Franchisors, Colin F. McCosker and Bruce J. Walker.



    37. A Macroscopic Model of the Social and Psychological Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intent, Rodrigue Landry, Real Allard, Brian McMillan and Carole Essiembre.

    An Entrepreneurship Index: An Empirical Validation, James W. Carland, JoAnn C. Cariand and Frank S. Hoy.

    Patterns of Discovery: Heuristics and Pre-Heuristics in Entrepreneurial Creativity, Lanny Herron, Deborah Smith-Cook and Harry Jack Sapienza.

    Entrepreneurs in a Laboratory: Computer Aided Observations on Entrepreneurial Behavior, Heinz Klandt.

    Japanese Independent Ventures: Constraint Analysis and Success, Takeru Ohe, Shuji Honjo and D. Bruce Merrifield.

    Evaluation of CEFE Entrepreneurship Training Programs in Asia, Dennis M. Ray, Wong Soke Yin, Rainer Koishom, Devi Ram Gnyawali, Anton Balasuriya and Amulfo F. Itao.

    A Verbal Protocol Analysis of Entrepreneurial Decision Making, Deborah Smith-Cook and Lanny Herron.


    38. A Study of the Impact of the Owner's Mode of Entry on Small Venture Performance, Radha Chaganti and Joy A. Schneer.

    39. Management Buy-Ins as a New Ownership Form: Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Performance, Chris Ennew, Ken Robbie, Mike Write and Steve Thompson.

    40. Using Networks to Organize Support For Entrepreneurs - A Graph Analysis of Swedish Contexts, Bengt Johannisson and Krzysztof Nowicki.

    41. Mergers and Acquisitions: A Means of Harvesting the Venture, J. William Petty, Joel M. Shulman and William, D. Bygrave.

    42. Strategic Alliances Between Small and Large Firms: An Oxymoron?, Owen Pegg, Rein Peterson and Tleodoris Peridis.

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