Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research -- 1993

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
1993 Edition

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  • The Coleman Foundation Award Winning Conference Paper
  • Innovation and Growth
  • Startups
  • The Entrepreneur
  • Survival, Failure, Buyouts, and Harvest
  • Alliances, Teams and Networks
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • High Technology and Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Formal and Informal Venture Financing
  • Global Entrepreneurs and International Entrepreneurship
  • Case Studies, Ethnic and Minority Entrepreneurship
  • University Related Studies
  • Methodology and Other Studies


    Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

    Sponsored by

    Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
    Babson College
    Babson Park, Massachusetts 02157-0310

    and Cosponsored by

    Small Business Development Center
    University of Houston
    Houston, Texas 77002

    Edited by Neil C. Churchill
    Babson College

    Sue Birley
    Imperial College

    Jerome Doutriaux
    University of Ottawa

    Elizabeth J. Gatewood
    University of Houston

    Frank S. Hoy
    Univ. of Texas El Paso

    William E. Wetzel, Jr.
    University of New Hampshire

    Copyright Babson College 1993, All rights reserved.


    1. The Impact of Industry Structure on New Venture Performance: Some New Findings, Scott W. Kunkel and Charles W. Hofer


    2. Product-Market Strategies and New Business Growth, Richard Cardozo, Paul Reynolds, Brenda Miller and Alexander Ardishvili.

    3. Resource Based Capabilities, Strategy, and Venture Performance, Gaylen N. Chandler and Steven H. Hanks.

    4. Empirically Assessing the Effectiveness of Mechanisms and Activities Used for Organization Innovation, Tor Guimaraes and Kevin Liska .

    5. Environmental, Strategic, and Managerial Style Factors Associated with Continued Entrepreneurship in Small Businesses: A Diagnostic Planning Model for Managing Growth, G. Russell Merz, Patricia B. Weber, and Virginia B. Laetz.

    6. Competitive Strategies and New Venture Growth, Tone A. Ostgaard and Sue Birley.

    7. High Performance Entrepreneurship: What Makes It Different?, Paul D. Reynolds.

    8. A Framework Defining Levels of Intervention by Managers of Business Incubators in New Venture Creation and Development, Mark P. Rice and Pier A. Abetti.

    9. Job Creation and Entrepreneurship, Robert Ronstadt.

    10. Determinants of Success in the Concrete Block Pre-Insulation Industry, Mohan Subramaniam and Pieter A.VanderWerf.


    Determinants of Competitive Advantage: The Role of Innovation, Information and Partnering, Michael J. Merenda, Craig H. Wood, William Names and Allen Kauffman.

    Market Information Scanning Practices and Levels of Growth: A Comparison of New Service and Manufacturing Ventures, Michael P. Peters and Candida G. Brush.


    11. Business Start-up Intentions in Urban and Rural Minnesota, Tait Elder, Kjell R. Knudsen and Donald G. McTavish.

    12. Corporate Retiree Turned Entrepreneur: A Comparative Case Study of the Business Venture Process, Sherrie E. Human and David A. Baucus.

    13. New Company Evolution: A Comparison of Large and Small Start-ups, Robert H. Keeley and Robert W. Knapp.

    14. Can Government Nurture Young Growing Firms? Quantitative Evidence From a Three Nation Study, Jonathan Levie.


    Setting the Stage: Infrastructural Elements Supporting the Medical Instruments Industry, Scott E. Browne.

    Understanding Entrepreneurship As An Act of Handling Contradictions and Overcoming Barriers, Johan C. Gaddefors and Per Nystrom.

    The Entrepreneurial System: On Entrepreneurship in the Context of a Mega Event, Olav R. Spilling.

    Determinants of New Venture Strategy Selection, Pieter A. VanderWerf.


    15. Determinants of Satisfaction for Entrepreneurs, Arnold C. Cooper and Kendall Artz.

    16. The Learning Experiences of Entrepreneurs, A. Rebecca Reuber and Eileen M. Fischer.


    Understanding Entrepreneurship, Alistair R. Anderson.

    Behaviors and Characteristics of Inventors Attempting to Bring Products To Market, D. Ray Bagby and Joel McIntosh.

    Differences Between Managers and Entrepreneurs in Their Attention to Information: Re-examining the Evidence, Lowell W. Busenitz.

    Beware the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship: Disincentives and Nostra, JoAnn C. Carland and James W. Carland.

    Preserving the Legacy: The Investment Performance of the World's Billionaires, Robert T. Kleiman, J. William Petty and Joel M. Shulman.

    A Comparison of Entrepreneurs' and Managers' Strategic Decision Making Speed and Comprehensiveness, Stefan Wally and J. Robert Baum.


    17. A Postmortem of New Venture Failure: An Attribution Theory Perspective, G. Dale Meyer, Andrew L. Zacharakis and Julio De Castro.

    18. Entrepreneurs' Perceptions About Realizing Enterprise Value: A Pan- European Perspective, Daniel Muzyka, William Bygrave, Benoit Leleux and Michael Hay.

    19. The Influence of Industry and Location on Small Firm Failure Rates, Bruce D. Phillips.

    20. Management Buy-outs in the Short and Long Term, Mike Wright, Steve Thompson, Ken Robbie, Pauline Wong .


    Management Buy-outs and The Economic Cycle: The Pattern and Determinants of Activity, Mark E. Bleackley and Michael G. Hay.

    Factors Affecting Firm Survival, Bruce A. Kirchhoff, Jack L. Rutner and Rakesh Kochhar.

    Expectations and Entrepreneurial Persistence, Marieke Pieterman, Kelly G. Shaver and Elizabeth J. Gatewood.

    Can Managers of Failed Firms Become Successful Entrepreneurs? An Analysis of Venture Backed Buy-outs From Bankruptcy, Ken Robbie, Mike Wright and Christine Ennew.


    21. Does Networking Pay Off? A Panel Study of Entrepreneurs in the Research Triangle, Howard E. Aldrich and Pat Ray Reese .

    22. The Complexity in the Relationships Between Large and Small Firms: Some Empirical Evidence, Emilio Esposito, Corrado lo Storto and Mario Raffa.

    23. Resources, Networks and Entrepreneurship: A Survey of 153 Starters and 84 Non- Starters in the Cod Farming Industry in Norway, Lene Foss.

    24. Organizational Architecture, Inter-Firm Relationships and Entrepreneurial Profile: Findings From A Set of SMES, Andrea Lipparini and Gianni Lorenzoni.

    25. Using Managerial Expertise to Enhance the Benefits of Inter-Firm Arrangements: A Study of New Technology-Intensive New Ventures, Jeffrey E. McGee .


    Marketing Through Network Leverage, Haider Ali.

    Competitive and Cooperative Strategies in New and Small Ventures: A Preliminary Exploration, Candida G. Brush and Radha Chaganti.

    Hiring Patterns as The Entrepreneur Builds a Team, Thomas C. Dandridge.

    Founding Entrepreneur Leadership Persistence Practices in High-Growth Ventures, Alan J. Grant.

    High Growth Ventures and Entrepreneurial Teams: A Cross-Cultural Comparison, McRae C. Banks, Michael E. Ensley, Juha M. Nasi and Salme Nasi.


    26. Extraordinary Feats of Entrepreneurial Enterprise: Strategies for Rapid Sustained Growth, Thomas D. Kraemer and S. Venkataraman.

    27. Championing Behavior: A Study of Large Japanese Organizations, Takeru Ohe, Sachiko Sano, Shuji Honjo, Scott Shane, Sankaran Venkataraman and Ian C. MacMillan.


    Modes, Performance, and Moderators of Corporate Entrepreneurship, Newell Gough.

    Beyond The Rhetoric of Leadership: A Study of Impression Management in Corporate Entrepreneurship, Mark Lehrer.

    The Concept of Entrepreneurial Intensity: A Conceptual and Empirical Assessment, Michael H. Morris, Pamela S. Lewis and Donald L. Sexton.


    28. Comparing Growth Theories For High Tech Firms: A Qualitative Analysis, J. B. Arbaugh and Donald L. Sexton.


    Implementation and Commercialization of Very Innovative High Technology in Different Cultures, Joss Alonso, William D. Bygrave, L. M. Gillin, Hiromitsu Kumamoto, Ron Sharp and Clas Wahlbin .

    Adjusting to Change: R&D and Marketing Strategies of Canadian Emerging High-Tech Firms: A Follow-Up Study, Jerome A. Doutriaux.

    Management Characteristics Contributing to High Technology Start-Up Firms Success, L. N. Goslin, Thomas Palm, Warren Brown and John Ulhoi.

    Entrepreneurial Pacing, Eric L. Hansen and Barbara J. Bird.


    29. The Positive Impact Of Going Public On Entrepreneurs And Their Firms: Evidence From Listing On The "Second Marche" in France, Jocelyn J.-Y. Desroches and Bernard Belletante.

    30. Financing Entrepreneurship In Recession: Does The Banking Relationship Constrain Performance?, Christine Ennew and Martin Binks.

    31. Informal Risk Capital in Sweden And Some International Comparisons, Hans Landstrom.

    32. What Drives The Creation Of A Venture Capital Firm?, Sophie Manigart.

    33. Promoting Informal Venture Capital: An Evaluation Of A British Initiative, Colin M. Mason and Richard T. Harrison.

    34. Financial Structure And Decisions of Venture Capital Firms: A Pan-European Study, Daniel Muzyka, Sue Birley, Benoit Leleux, Gerda Rossell and Finn Bendixen.


    The Working Capital Crisis: How Rapidly Growing Firms Are Coping, Kathleen R. Allen and Jon P. Goodman.

    Assessing Entrepreneurial Competence: Venture Capitalists' Criteria And Requirements For Entrepreneurs, Carolyn J. Fausnaugh, John Hall and Charles W. Hofer.

    Angel Profiles: A Longitudinal Study, John Freear, Jeffrey E. Sohl and William E. Wetzel, Jr.

    The Spanish Venture Capital Market 1986-1992, John F. Pfaff and Javier de Jaime.

    The Subjective Use and Fallibility of the Inductive Evidence in the Testimony of the Expert Venture Capitalist, Herman Riquelme and Tudor Rickards.


    35. New Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Aspirations Among Immigrants From The Former USSR In Israel, Miri Lemer and Yeoshua Hendeles.


    International Entrepreneurship: Motives and The Effect of Age at Internationalization on Performance, Candida G. Brush.

    The Impact Of Free Trade On Maquiladoras: New Venture Opportunities?, Frank Hoy, Leopoldo Gemoets and Carol Reeves.

    The Role And Importance Of Entrepreneurial Internationalization In Southern Italy, Antonio Minguzzi.

    Entrepreneurship Of Insurance Agents And Their Role In Developing Southern Italian Markets, Alfonso Morvillo and Immacolata Vellecco.

    Global Start-Ups: Forces Driving Their Creation and Patterns of Success, Benjamin M. Oviatt, Patricia P. McDougall and Ted R. Dinterman.



    The Rise And Fall Of The Merlin-Gerin Foundry Business: A Case Study In French Intrapreneurship, Leon Badguerahanian and Pier A. Abetti.

    The Ethnic Community As A Natural Business Incubator, Patricia Gene Greene and John Sibley Butler.

    Women Entrepreneurs In Controlled Economies: A Hungarian Perspective, Robert D. Hisrich and Gyula Fuldop.

    Two Stars Over Bethlehem - Did We Follow The Right One?: A Comparative Analysis of the Careers, Styles, And Strategies of Frederick W. Taylor and Charles M. Schwab And Their Respective Corporate And Industrial Consequences, Daryl G. Mitton.

    Educational Training For Women And Minority Entrepreneurs Positively Impacts Venture Growth and Development, Courtney Price and Stuart Monroe.

    How Different Are Minority Entrepreneurs And Their Firms?, Sammis B. White and Paul D. Reynolds.


    36. Characteristics of Successful And Unsuccessful Entrepreneurial Faculty and their Innovative Research Teams, Garth K. Daniels and Charles W. Hofer.

    37. Firms Started By University Researchers in Sweden - Roots, Roles, Relations, And Growth Patterns, Christer Olofsson and Clas Wahlbin .

    38. Impact Of Entrepreneurship Development Programs, J. S. Saini and B. S. Bhatia.


    Trust: What Kind and When Does It Matter?, Murray B. Low, V. Srivatsan and S. Venkataraman.

    New Venture Creation Through Collaboration Of The General Electric Company and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: A Case Study, Mark P. Rice and Glenn J. Doell.

    The Applicability of Entrepreneurship Scholarship: In Intent And In Use, Victor Rosenberg and Richard James.

    Educating Entrepreneurs: Have We Been Doing It Without Really Trying?, Patricia A. Wheeler.


    39. Entrepreneurs and the Next Generation: Management Advantages and Challenges in a Family Business, Myra M. Hart and Howard H. Stevenson.

    40. A New Approach To The Valuation of New Ventures, Robert H. Keeley and Lassaad A. Turki.

    41. Why Franchising Works: An Analysis of Property Rights and Organizational Form Shares, Steven C. Michael.


    A Cross Cultural Dialogue On The Search For An Entrepreneurship Paradigm: A Doctoral Student Perspective, Alistair Anderson, Patricia Fleming, Patricia Greene, Myra Hart, Benoit Leleux, Jonathan Levie, Mark Rice, William Sara, Kai Thierhoff and Elena Yang.

    Quality Management In New Software Ventures, Barbara J. Bird and Erran Carinel.

    A Preliminary Investigation Of Entrepreneurial Behaviors Using Eight Articles From INC. Magazine's "Anatomy Of A Start-Up" Series, William B. Gartner and Jennifer A. Starr.

    The Financial Territory: A New Tool For Financial Analysis Of Medium- Sized Firms, Remy Paliard, Yves Romanet and Bernard Belletante.

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