Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research -- 1994

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
1994 Edition

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    Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Entrepreneurship Research Conference

    Sponsored by

    Babson College-Kauffman Foundation
    Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
    Babson College
    Babson Park, Massachusetts 02157-0310

    Edited by

    William D. Bygrave
    Babson College

    Susan Birley
    Imperial College

    Neil C. Churchill

    Elizabeth Gatewood
    University of Houston

    Frank Hoy
    University of Texas/El Paso

    Robert H. Keeley
    University of Colorado

    William E. Wetzel, Jr.
    University of New Hampshire

    Babson College 1994


  • What can the Public Sector do to Increase New Business Starts?; Sammis B. White and Paul D. Reynolds.


  • Entrepreneurial Clout: Honing the Intuitive Behaviours Necessary to Sustain; Entrepreneurial Success; Daryl G. Mitton.


    1."Push" and "Pull" Entrepreneurship; Raphael Amit and Eitan Muller.

    2. Performance Determinants for Male and Female Entrepreneurs; Raji Srinivasan, Carolyn Y. Woo and Arnold C. Cooper.


  • Implementing Ideas: Details, Deadlines and Outcomes; Barbara J. Bird and Brenda Palmer.

  • Cognitive Processes and the Entrepreneur: A Replication and Extension of a Recent Study of Risk Taking; D. Ray Bagby, Leslie E. Palich and Phil E. Stetz.

  • Finding the High Flying Entrepreneurs - a Cautionary Tale; Sue Birley, Daniel F. Muzyka, Carolyn Dove and Gerda Rossell.

  • Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle for Self Actualization; James W. Carland, Jo Ann C. Carland and Frank Hoy.

  • Perceptual Differences Between CEOs and Venture Capitalists Regarding New Venture Enhancement Factors; Alan J. Grant.

  • Risk and the Entrepreneurial Process: A Case Study Approach; Paul D. Hannon.

  • Exploring the Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Critical Assessment of Construct Validity; Maureen A. McGuigan.

  • An Entrepreneurial Tragi-Comedy: Exploring the Dark Side of Venturing; W. Ed McMullan.


    3. Friends and Strangers: Early Hiring Practices and Idiosyncratic Jobs; Ted Baker and Howard E. Aldrich.

    4. Founding Conditions and Business Performance: "High Performers" vs. Small vs. Venture Capital-Backed Start-Ups; Robert H. Keeley and Robert W. Knapp.

    5. The Importance of Founder, Start-Up Process, and Structural Variables in Entrepreneurial Firms: A Study of the Shortline Railroad Industry; Harvey Sapienza and Curtis M. Grimm.


  • Having Business Ideas - Creating a Company; Anders Lundstrom and Eva-Lotta Lowstedt.

  • Immigrant Entrepreneurial Enclaves: The Case of Russian Immigrants in Israel; Miri Lerner.

  • Entreprenology: The Study of the Creation and Extraction of Value From an Environment; Michael G. Scott and Alistair R. Anderson.

  • Contextual Differences Between High Tech and Low Tech Firms: An Examination of Performance; Timothy M. Stearns and Paul D. Reynolds.

  • Survivorship and Growth Among Sponsored Businesses in New Jersey: A Resource Based Approach to the Microfirm; Patricia Gene Greene, Bruce A. Kirchhoff and Terrence E. Brown.

  • Antecedents of Entrepreneurship Performance: Traits/Motives, Competency, Vision, Motivation, Strategy, and Industry Structure; Stefan Wally and J. Robert Baum.


    6. Stages of Small Business Growth Revisited: Insights into Growth Path and Leadership/Management Skills in Low- and High-Growth Companies; John H. Eggers, Kim T. Leahy, and Neil C. Churchill.

    7. Entrepreneurial Management: A Converging Theory for Large and Small Enterprises; Neil C. Churchill and Daniel F. Muzyka.

    8. Developing Systems that Facilitate Organizational Learning: Examples of Successful New Venture Development; Brenda E. Joyner and Charles W. Hofer.

    9. Executive Compensation in New Public Firms: Characteristics and Incentives; Robert H. Keeley, Gordon M. Phillips and Lessaad A. Turki.

    10. The Financial and Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Innovative Small Firms in the U.K.; Pooran Wynarczyk, Alfred Thwaites and Peter Wynarczyk.


  • Change in Family Operated Businesses - The Case of Farm Diversification; Svante Brunaher.

  • Predictors of Small Acquirers' CE Behavior and Performance; Newell Gough.

  • The Potential for and Barriers to Growth in the Most Promising Technology-Based Entrepreneurial Firms in Finland: Empirical Evidence from a Nation-Wide Study; Annareetta Lumme and Kaj-Erik Relander.

  • Cultural Similarities and Differences: A Comparison of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Firms; Michael H. Morris, Donald L. Sexton and Foard F. Jones.

  • Management Skills and Practices of Entrepreneurs; Brent D. Peterson, W. Gibb Dyer, Jr, Rick C. Farr and Marlow A. Christensen.

  • The Commercial Health Monitoring of Entrepreneurial Firms Using Process Control Techniques; Paul L. Reynolds and John Day.


    11. Studying the Product-Market Strategies of Growing Businesses: A Case Study Approach; Alexander Ardishvili and Richard Cardozo.

    12. Competition in Young, Technology-Based Firms: Strategy Identification, Context, and Performance; Karen A. Bantel and Deborah R. Ettington.

    13. The Relationship Between Performance and Consensus Among Top Managers in Entrepreneurial Firms; G. Dale Meyer and G. Page West III.

    14. The Management of the Growth in the Small Innovative Companies: The Case of the Software; Mario Raffa, Guiseppe Zollo and Renata Caponi.

    15. New Approaches for Assessing New Venture Performance; Kenneth C. Robinson, Scott W. Kunkel and Charles W. Hofer.

    16. The Strategy and Performance of Independent and Corporate-Sponsored New Ventures; Mark Simon and Shaker A. Zahra.

    17. Determinants of New Ventures' Objectives; Pieter A. VanderWerf.


  • The Determination of Optimal Marketing Expenditures-An Application of Option Theory; Saugata Banerjee, William D. Bygrave and Benoit Leleux.

  • An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Formal Strategic Planning in Extremely High Growth Ventures; Michael D. Ensley and McRae C. Banks.

  • Environment, Competitive Strategy and Performance: An Exploratory Study of New Ventures in U.S. and Canada; Radha Chaganti and Candida G. Brush.

  • "World-Class" Manufacturing Systems and Firm Performance; Gaylen N. Chandler, Steven H. Hanks, Glenn M. McEvoy, Steven Beckstead.

  • Collaborative Strategies or Internal Development: When are They Most Appropriate for Small Canadian High-Tech Firms, and Why? Cynthia A. Farrell and Jerome A. Doutriaux.

  • The Impact of Entrepreneurial Teams on Financial Performance: A Comparison of Finnish New Ventures and Established Firms; Juha M. Nasi, Salme Nasi, McRae C. Banks and Michael D. Ensley.

  • Bridging the Gap? Marketing Consultancy and the Smaller Firm; David Molian and Sue Birley.

  • Fantasy vs. Reality: The Entrepreneurs' Product Development Process; Robert G. Schwartz, Richard D. Teach and Fred A. Tarpley, Jr.


    18. Determinants of a New Venture Team's Receptivity to Advice from Venture Capitalists; Jay B. Barney, Lowell W. Busenitz, James O. Fiet and Doug Moesel.

    19. CEO Dismissal and the Role of the Venture Capitalist; Garry Bruton, Vance Fried and Robert D. Hisrich.

    20. European Management Buy-Out Funds: Opportunity Selection Criteria; Daniel F. Muzyka and Michael G. Hay.

    21. Raising Finance From Banks: A Comparative Study of the Experience of Male and Female Business Owners; Lauren H. Read.

    22. Altruism and Entrepreneurship; Mary Kay Sullivan.

    23. Venture Capitalists and Serial Entrepreneurs; Mike Wright, Ken Robbie and Christine Ennew.


  • The Relative Influence of Selected Actors and Partners at the Time of Going Public: A France-Quebec Comparison; Bernard Belletante and Joycelyn J.-Y. Desroches.

  • Virgin Angels, Business Forums and Teleconferencing: An Empirical First Look; Jeffrey Bracher and Van Clouse.

  • An Analysis of Compensation in the U.S. Venture Capital Partnership; Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner.

  • The Posted-Price Paradox: Evidence on the Flotation Mechanism Selections Process in France; Benoit Leleux and Remy Paliard.

  • Why "Business Angels" Say No: A Case Study of Opportunities Rejected by an Informal Investor Syndicate; Colin M. Mason and Richard T. Harrison.

  • The Role of Professional Advisers in the Management Team's Search for Venture Capital Finance in United Kingdom Management Buy-Outs and Buy-Ins; Gordon Murray, Bruce Nixon, Paul Pounsford, Mike Wright.

  • Managing Investor Relations: The Impact of Procedural Justice in Establishing and Sustaining Investor Support; Harry J. Sapienza and M. Audrey Korsgaard.

  • The Perception of Opportunity By European Venture "Angels;" Colin M. Mason, Daniel F. Muzyka, Michael Hay, Richard T. Harrison, Hans Lundstrom and Annareetta Lumme.

  • Sources of Start-Up and Early-Stage Capital Available to High Technology Entrepreneurs in the UK: A Regional Study; Heather I.M. Wilson.

  • The Financial Imperatives of Starting New Ventures; Charles W. Hofer.


    24. Triggering Strategic Alliances in Entrepreneurial Firms: The Case of Technology - Sharing Alliances; Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Claudia Bird Schoonhoven.

    25. Partnering in Establishing New Ventures: The Experience in Hungary; Marjorie A. Lyles, Nancy M. Carter, Inga S. Baird.

    26. Cooperative Strategy and New Venture Performances: The Role of Managerial Experience; Jeffrey E. McGee.

    27. Creating Value in Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Study of Inter-Firm Collaboration; Michael Merenda, Craig H. Wood and William Naumes.


  • Intent to Use Strategic Alliances for Commercialization; Deborah R. Ettington and Karen A. Bantel.


    28. The Impact of Inter-Organizational Relationships on Industrial Growth: The Case of the Handicraft Industry in Thailand; John E. Butler and Brad Brown.


  • Entrepreneurship in Cyberspace: An Evaluation of Online Networking Opportunities for entrepreneurs; John F. S. Bunch.

  • The Impact of Human Capital on Prospective Entrepreneur's Social Network; Lene Foss.

  • The Entry Process Into American's Network vs. Chinese GUAN-XI: A Cross-Cultural Understanding of Comparative Method and Business Owner's Networks; Elena Ai-Yuan Yang.


    29. Pollution Regulation and Small Establishment Formations in U.S. Manufacturing Industries: A Longitudinal Analysis of Deterrent Effects; Thomas J. Dean, Robert L. Brown, Mark De La Mater.

    30. Can Governments Nurture Young Growing Firms? Qualitative Evidence From A Three Nation Study?; Jonathan Levie.


  • The Impact of Environmental Regulation on Firm Formation Rates; Bruce A. Kirchhoff and Robert E. McAuliffe.

  • Winners and Losers: A Study of the Performance and Survival of TEC Supported New Start Businesses in West Yorkshire; Nicholas Wilson, Sandra Hogarth-Scott, Kathryn J. Watson

  • Entrepreneurship in the Public Sector: Some Preliminary Evidence From UK Primary Care; Christine Ennew, Jaqueline Jolleys, Phil Robinson and David Whynes.


    31. Explaining the Formation of International New Ventures: The Limits of Theories From International Business Research; Patricia Phillips McDougall, Scott Shane and Benjamin M. Oviatt.

    32. Regional Characteristics Affecting Entrepreneurship: A Cross-National Comparison; Paul D. Reynolds, David J. Storey, Paul Westhead.

    33. International Communication in a Start-Up; Joan Frantz Vesper, Karl H. Vesper, Byung-Ju Cho.


  • Global Entrepreneurship in the Information Economy; Richard T. Harrison, Claire M. Leitch, and Colin M. Mason.

  • Telematic Trading, Towards the Global SME; Dierdre A.M. Hunt.

  • Barriers to Innovations: A Cross Cultural Comparison; Russell M. Knight.

  • From Ugly Ducks to Beautiful Swans: Entrepreneurship in the Polish Transition Economy, 1990-1993; Stefan Kwiatkowski and Charles R.B. Stowe.


    34. Double Your Trouble Through International Financing: Abby's Goes to Mexico; Frank Hoy and Mauricio Hoy Echegaray.


  • Returns to Franchising; Steven C. Michael and Hollie J. Moore.

  • Strategy, Structure, and Performance in Franchise Systems; Steven C. Michael

  • Entrepreneur-Franchisees: The Impact of Non-Contractual Interactions; Philip H. Phan and John E. Butler.

  • A Multi-variate Assessment of Franchisee Satisfaction in the Franchisee-Franchisor Relationship from the Perspective of the Franchisee; Stephen Spinelli, Jr. and Sue Birley .



  • University-Based New Venture Development: Identifying the Keys to Success; Garth K. Daniels and Charles W. Hofer.

  • Linking the Performance of the Rensselaer Incubator Program and the Performance of Its Participating Companies; Mark P. Rice, John Wilkinson and Phillip G. Wickham.

  • Measuring the Impact of Institutions and Scholars on Research in Entrepreneurship; Scott A. Shane.


    35. Doctoral Students: How Much Have They Influenced Entrepreneurship Education and Practice?; William D. Bygrave.

    36. The Value of Content Analysis for Developing Venture Screening Skills; William B. Gartner, Jennifer A. Starr, Jon P. Goodman.

    37. The Impact of New Venture Growth Research on Entrepreneurship Education; Steven H. Hanks and Gaylen N. Chandler.

    38. Markets for Entrepreneurship Knowledge: Identifying Opportunities and Forums for New Exchanges of Findings From Research and Practice; Jerome A. Katz.


  • From Research to Teaching: An Innovative Approach to Modeling Entrepreneurial Studies; Jose R. Alonso, William D. Bygrave and L.M. Gillin.

  • Developing Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies in Higher Education: The Case of the Enterprise in Higher Education Initiative in the UK; Martin Binks.

  • Evaluating the Investment Policies and Structural Terms of the Venture Capital Fund Agreement; David J. Brophy and Michael R. Haessler.

  • Messages From the Front Line: A Survey of Entrepreneurship Educators in Canada; Marlow A. Christensen.

  • Teaching Entrepreneurship Through the Media: A Comparative Longitudinal Evaluative Study; Yvan Gasse and Bernard Garnier.

  • Added Value from Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Murray Gillin and Marcus Powe.

  • Zero-Based Entrepreneurship: The Effect of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Attitudes in Slovakia; Sanda Honig-Haftel, Linn Neidengard, Peter Robinson, Katarina Polavkova, Stanislav Simoncic.

  • Consequences of an Entrepreneurial Development Program: Tracking a Cumulative Panel 1988-93; Kjell R. Knudsen, Donald G. McTavish and Richard E. Braun.

  • Entrepreneurial Teams, Venture Development and Venture Performance; Claire M. Leitch.

  • Entrepreneurial Studies as a Search for Success: A Qualquant Fusion; G. Dale Meyer and Mary L. Tucker.

  • The Effects of Geographical and Socio-Economic Differences on the Replicability of Entrepreneurial Training Programs; Courtney Price, Kathleen R. Allen and Stuart Monroe.

  • Understanding the Gaps: Research-Education-Practice; Stephen A. Stumpf and Britt Shirley.

  • Product Analysis of Resources Available on Entrepreneurship: An Investigation of Educational Product Attributes; Sydney Scott Tyler.

  • Essential Activities for Creating a New Venture - a Pre-Product Development Needs Assessment As the Basis for Creating Entrepreneurship Curricula, Courses and Educational Materials; Sydney Scott Tyler.

  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship in Intent and Use: Part II; Victor L. Rosenberg and Richard James.

    Dedicated to the memory of Ewing Marion Kauffman 1916-1993
    Philanthropist - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
    Always a Leader

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