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    1995 Topical Index

  • The Coleman Foundation Award Winning Conference Paper:
    Response to Renewed Attacks on the Small Business Job Creation Hypothesis

  • The Kauffman Foundation Award Winning Conference Paper on the Special Topic:
    Does the Innovator Role Affect the Perceived Potential for Growth? Analysis of Four Types of New, Technology-Based Firms

  • Advisers and Consultants
  • Alliances, Cooperatives, and Franchises
  • Demographics
  • Entrepreneurial Corporations
  • Entrepreneurial Process
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Finance
  • Formal and Informal Venture Capital
  • Growth
  • Leaders and Teams
  • Public Policy and Public Sector
  • Social Issues
  • Technology
  • Training and Education


    Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Entrepreneurship Research Conference

    Sponsored by

    Babson College-Kauffman Foundation
    Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
    Babson College
    Babson Park, Massachusetts 02157-0310
    Telephone: 617-239-4332
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    Edited by

    William D. Bygrave
    Babson College

    Barbara J. Bird
    American University

    Sue Birley
    Imperial College

    Neil C. Churchill

    Michael G. Hay
    London Business School

    Robert H. Keeley
    University of Colorado

    William E. Wetzel, Jr.
    University of New Hampshire


    Response to Renewed Attacks on the Small Business Job Creation Hypothesis; Bruce A. Kirchhoff and Patricia G. Greene


    Does the Innovator Role Affect the Perceived Potential for Growth? Analysis of Four Types of New, Technology-Based Firms; Erkko Autio and Annareetta Lumme


    1. Who Starts New Firms? Linear Additive Versus Interaction Based Models; Paul D. Reynolds

    2. Measuring Business Formations and Dissolutions: A New Time Series; William J. Dennis, Jr. , William C. Dunkelberg and Terri Dial

    3. When Wal-Mart Comes to Town: A Look at the Retailing Giant's Impact on Rural Communities; Jeffrey E. McGee and George G. Gresham


    Factors that Encourage Entrepreneurial Start-ups and Existing Firm Expansion: A Longitudinal Study Comparing Recession and Expansion Periods; Joel Corman, Robert N. Lussier and Kevin G. Nolan

    Industrial Policy and Indigenous Small Firm Employment Growth in Ireland: Empirical Evidence and Recommendations; James S. Walsh and Philip H. Anderson


    4. Entrepreneurship: A Definition Revisited; Myra M. Hart, Howard H. Stevenson and Jay Dial

    5. The Importance of Market Orientation for Emergent Firms; Eileen Fischer and A. Rebecca Reuber

    6. Opportunity Recognition by Successful Entrepreneurs: A Pilot Study; Gerald E. Hills

    7. Exploring Start-up Event Sequences; Nancy M. Carter, William B. Gartner and Paul D. Reynolds


    New Venture Credibility: A Concept and Modelbuilding Approach; Leif Sanner

    Perceptions of Entrepreneurship to the Next Millennium: A Qualitative Research Study of Entrepreneurs in the "N.E. Region of the U.K."; Paul D. Hannon

    Success and Failure of Entrepreneurial Companies: A Longitudinal Study; Robert H. Keeley and Robert W. Knapp

    Entrails and Tea Leaves: The Application of Theory to Entrepreneurship; Steve Molloy


    8. The Implications of Multiple Cultures and Entrepreneurial Expertise for International Public Policy; Ronald K. Mitchell and Kristie W. Seawright

    9. Serial Entrepreneurs; Mike Wright, Ken Robbie and Christine Ennew

    10. Small Business Managers' Attitudes Towards and Use of Financial Sources; Hans Landstrom

    11. The Context of Entrepreneurial Vision; Cecilia M. Falbe and Laurie Larwood

    12. Northern-European Metaphors of 'Entrepreneurship' and 'An Entrepreneur;' Matti Koiranen


    Mover, Shaker, Industry Maker: Jim Sweeney and the Home Infusion Therapy Industry, A Longitudinal Study; Daryl G. Mitton

    Entrepreneurial Attitude: A Future-Oriented Approach to the Prediction of Entrepreneurship? Betty Hoge

    Previous Sector Experience and New Firm Survival; Martin J. Almond

    The Relationship of Attitudes to Entrepreneurial Intentions; Wayne A. Long, Wee-Liang Tan and Peter Robinson

    The Family and the Business; Sue Birley and Steen Sorensen

    Exploring the Influence of Culture on Entrepreneurship; Elizabeth Chell and Elaine Adam

    A Comparison of Entrepreneurs' and their Subordinates' Perceptions of the Entrepreneur's Management Practices; Brent D. Peterson, W. Gibb Dyer, Jr. , Rick C. Farr, Marlow A. Christensen


    13. Fostering Technical Entrepreneurship in Research Communities: Granting Scholarships to Would-be Entrepreneurs; Bjornar Reitan and Sigmund J. Waago

    14. Planning and Building the Infrastructure for Technological Entrepreneurship, Part III: Field Studies in Ukraine; Pier A. Abetti and Mark P. Rice

    15. Entrepreneurial Ventures on the Move: Canada Attracts U. S. Biotechnology Firms; Rowena D. Ahern and Michael B. Heeley

    16. High Technology Employment, Wages and University R&D Spillovers: Evidence from U.S. Cities; Zoltan J. Acs, Felix R. FitzRoy and Ian Smith

    17. Mapping the University Technology Transfer Process; Brian Harmon, Alexander Ardishvili, Richard Cardozo, Tait Elder, John Leuthold, John Parshall, Michael Raghian and Donald Smith


    Technical Entrepreneurship in the U.K. -- Implications for Public Policy; Dylan Jones-Evans and Fred Steward

    The Technological Innovation Process: A Matter of Entrepreneurship for Small Firms; Yvon Gasse

    Sub-Contracting Small Firms in the U.K.; Pooran Wynarczyk

    Investing in Russian High Technology: A Model of Collaborative Alliances in Transition Economies; Judith B. Sedaitis

    The Shift and Drift of Small Firms: A Multiple Case Study Analysis of Strategy Development Processes; David A. Baucus, Steven H. Hanks and Gaylen N. Chandler


    18. Factors Affecting Performance of Israeli Women Entrepreneurs: An Examination of Alternative Perspectives; Miri Lerner, Candida G. Brush and Robert D. Hisrich

    19. Feminist Perspectives on Learning for Entrepreneurship: The View From Small Business; Mary Barrett

    20. The Role of Culture in Business Networking Process: A Comparative Study at the Start-Up Level of American's Network and Chinese Guan-Xi; Elena Ai-Yuan Yang

    21. Cultural Values and Regional Variations in New Firm Formation; Per Davidsson and Johan Wiklund


    Participation Patterns of Women in Franchising: The Moderating Effects of Size; Candida G. Brush, Rajiv P. Dant and Francisco Iniesta

    African-Caribbean Entrepreneurship in Britain; Monder Ram and David Deakins

    Exploring the Relationships Between "Green" Activities & Tools and Business Benefits; Tor Guimaraes, Don Weinrauch and Kevin Liska

    Perceptions RE: Physically Disabled Entrepreneurs Held by Vocational Rehabilitation and Small Business Development Professionals; Linda Andrews, O. Jay Krasner and Steve L. Krasner

    Encouraging Minority Entrepreneurs, College/Community Collaboratives; Elizabeth M. Haran

    The Need for Achievement and Organizational Commitment of Entrepreneurs: A Gender Comparison; Fred Luthans, Brooke R. Envick, Robin D. Anderson


    22. A Venture Capital Price Index; Robert H. Keeley and Lassaad A. Turki

    23. Who Bankrolls Software Entrepreneurs; John Freear, Jeffrey E. Sohl and William E. Wetzel, Jr.

    24. Supergrowth and Shareholder Performance: An Analysis of the Inc. 100 Fastest Growing Public Companies in America; Benoit Leleux, Julian Lange and Veronique M. Matthys

    25. Loan Guarantee Programs for Small Firms: Recent Canadian Experience on Risk, Economic Impacts, and Incrementality; Allan L. Riding and George H. Haines, Jr.

    26. Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: Beyond Solving the Credit Crunch; Richard P. Taub and Connie Marie Gaglio


    Entrepreneurs and Entertainment: The Studio System as Venture Capitalist; Jon P. Goodman and Steven S. Gal

    Creating Economic Value: The Entrepreneurial Imperative; J. William Petty, Alan D. Bell and Jonathan N. O'Sullivan

    Financing the High Technology Start-ups in Belgium; Sophie Manigart and Carol Struyf


    27. Performance Feedback, Decision Making Processes, and Venture Capitalists Support of New Ventures; Harry J. Sapienza and M. Audrey Korsgaard

    28. The Venture Capitalist Decision: Understanding Process Versus Outcome; Andrew L. Zacharakis and G. Dale Meyer

    29. Developing the Informal Venture Capital Market in the UK: Is There Still a Role for Public Sector Business Angel Networks? Colin M. Mason and Richard T. Harrison


    Venture Capitalists Target Rates of Return and Investment Appraisal; Mike Wright and Ken Robbie



    Characteristics of High Performance Entrepreneurial Leaders, Management Teams and Their Corresponding Company Cultures; John H. Eggers, Kim T. Leahy and Neil C. Churchill

    Entrepreneurial Teams, Venture Development and Venture Performance; Claire Leitch

    The Role of Top Management Team Characteristics and Scientific Capabilities In Determining the Market Value of New Biotechnology Firms; David L. Deeds, Richard Klavans and Joseph E. Coombs

    High Performance Entrepreneurial Teams: The Heart of the Entrepreneurial Corporation; Daniel F. Muzyka and Neil C. Churchill


    30. Size of Investment, Growth Opportunity and Human Resource Management Typologies in Entrepreneurial Firms: Some Observations; Sanjay Prasad Thakur

    31. Patterns of Formalization in Emerging Business Ventures; Steven H. Hanks and Gaylen N. Chandler

    32. The Internationalization of New High Potential Ventures: Antecedents and Outcomes; James M. Bloodgood, Harry J. Sapienza and James G. Almeida

    33. The Relation of Traits, Competencies, Motivation, Strategy and Structure to Venture Growth; J. Robert Baum

    34. Strategies for New Venture Growth and Harvest: A Five-Year Follow-Up of 176 Young Growing Firms in Denmark, Ireland and Scotland; Jonathan Levie

    35. New Ventures and Total Competitiveness: A Conceptual Model, Empirical Results, and Case Study Examples; Dennis P. Slevin and Jeffrey G. Covin


    Human Resource Practices, TQM Implementation and Venture Performance: A Multiple Constituency Approach; Gaylen N. Chandler

    Organizational Transformations of Small Innovative Firms; Mario Raffa, Giuseppe Zollo and Renata Caponi

    Entrepreneurs and Change: A Socio Cognitive Perspective; Staffan H Segerstad and Leif Melin

    Using Options Theory to Provide Sensible Problem Solving Strategies for Venture Growth; Dale W. Jasinski and Anne S. Huff

    Stimulating the Growth and Development of Small Technology-Based Firms: An Entrepreneurship Model That Works; Magnus Klofsten


    36. Cooperative Strategies: Extent of Use and An Articulation of Content Dimensions in Non-High Tech New Ventures; Candida G. Brush and Radha Chaganti

    37. Shopping Centers as New Firm Incubators and Angels: On the Mall of America Entrepreneur Partnership Program; Karl Egge and Jerry Gustafson


    What Explains Franchisor Performance Over Time? Scott Shane

    Managing Small and Large Interfirm Relations: Strategic Outsourcing Practices; Michael Merenda, Allen Kaufman, William Naumes and Craig Wood

    An Empirically Supported Model of Tolerance in a Franchise Inter-Organizational Form; Steve Spinelli, Jr. and Sue Birley

    Consensus in Cooperative Arrangements Among Entrepreneurs: An Analysis of Franchise Organizations; David A Baucus, Melissa S. Baucus and Sherrie E. Human



    Entrepreneurs, Their Advisors and Counsellors - A Divergent/Convergent Paradox in Respective Thinking Patterns and the Impact Upon Entrepreneurial Performance; John Day and Paul L. Reynolds

    Failure of the Owner Managed Firm: The Perspective of the Advisers; Sue Birley and Niki Niktari

    Technical Consultancy as a Vehicle of Forced Entrepreneurship in Post-Communist Poland; David A. Kirby and Stefan Kwiatkowski


    38. Entrepreneurial Transformation: A Descriptive Theory; Daniel F. Muzyka, Alice J. de Koning and Neil C. Churchill

    39. Entrepreneurship in Organisations - The Aviall Studies: A Model for Corporate Growth; Richard Y. Weaver and Stephen Henderson

    40. Technological Renewal in Small Firms: The Nature and Role of Linkages Between Large and Small Firms; Catherine Belotti


    Innovation Strategies Related to Forms of Strategic Alliance: The Case of 3M and Ferro; Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Melanie Trevino and Frank S. Hoy



    From Sow's Ears to Silk Purse Makers: A Review and Analysis of Public Policy Initiatives That Train Unemployed Workers to Become Entrepreneurs Steven R. Kursh

    Patterns and Profiles of the Brazilian Entrepreneurs: Data From Entrepreneurship Development Programs Sponsored by the EMPRETEC Programme (United Nations and SEBRAE) Brazilian Agency for Micro and Small Business Assistance Programme; Alvaro A. A. Mello

    Local Government Policies and the Private Firm: Five Benchmark Cases of Policy Initiatives for High Growth Firms in California; Alan L. Carsrud and Elizabeth D. Rogers

    The Impact of Public Policy (Instruments) on Entrepreneurship Within the Context of a Developing Country; Samuel Kwasi Buame

    Public Intervention in Entrepreneurial Innovation and Opportunism: Short Cuts or Detours to the Information Superhighway? Ted Fuller and Anne Jenkins

    Influencing Entrepreneurship in the Technopolis: Can CONNECT of San Diego be Replicated Elsewhere? Robert Ronstadt and William Paulin

    Entrepreneurship in Slovenia: Assessing the Impact of Public Policy; Lawrence R. Godtfredsen

    Assessment of a Demonstration Project to Develop the Small Business Sector of Poland; Przemyslaw Kulawczuk, Daniel Fogel, Monika Harrison, Frank Hoy and James Wingrove

    Public Sector Entrepreneurs: Their Implications for Public Sector and Economic Regeneration Policies; Inger Boyett and Donald Finlay

    Small Business Strategies for Managing Elder Food Service Programs; Linda Jane Coleman, Elizabeth Haran and Jane Militello


    41. The Impact of Entrepreneurial Training Programs on Transitioning Workers: The Public Policy Implications; Stuart R. Monroe, Kathleen R. Allen and Courtney Price


    The Effectiveness of Participative ('Hands On') Training Programmes in Entrepreneurship in European Second Level Schools; Michael Crowley, Robert D. Hisrich, Cormac Lankford and Barra O'Cinneide

    Small Business Training: Towards an Evaluative Framework for Program Assessment; Barbara Orser and Sandra Hogarth-Scott

    Overall Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Training Programs; Jean-Pierre B Bourdeau

    Entrepreneurship Scholarship in Intent & Use: Part 3, Practitioner Input; Victor Rosenberg, Raymond Kinnunen and Richard James

    Have We Made a Difference? An Examination of Career Activity of Entrepreneurship Majors Since 1981; Nancy B. Upton, Donald L. Sexton and Carlos Moore

    Designing Training Programmes for Social Economy Groups Across Cultures; Thomas M. Cooney and Brendan O'Rourke

    Entrepreneurship at the Core: Toward Advocating Entrepreneurship as a Requirement; Sandra Honig- Haftel

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