Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
1996 Edition


Bengt Johannisson, Vxj University, Sweden

Dynamics - Both Change and Stability
Defining and Modelling Personal-Network Dynamics
Dynamics Operationalizing Network Dynamics
An Empirical Study of Network Dynamics
Concluding Remarks


Entrepreneurs build personal networks which combine social and business concerns because independent business venturing is socio-economic projecting. A panel-study over the period l987-1993 encompassing 361 prospective and existing young Swedish entrepreneurs focused the role of networking in the venturing process. The most important ties in the personal network are almost as often social as business oriented. Lasting ties change from business to social more often than vice versa. Personal networking enhances optimism but has little direct impact on perceived performance. While the overall personal network remains stable, e.g. due to long-term investment in ties, its dynamics is found in the flexible use of the network potential in answer to momentary venture need.

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