The research into emergent Swedish entrepreneurship and their personal networking confirms that networks offer both stability and change in the venturing process. The overall personal network appears stable with long-lasting relationships although different parts of it are activated at different points in time. The lack of indisputable outcomes in terms of e.g. covariation between network indicators and business performance does not falsify the proposition that personal networks are important to young entrepreneurs. The fact that the personal networks embrace both social and business ties over a period of six years suggests that they, when needed, offer a social resort or operate as a provider of supplementary resources for the enactment and development of the venture idea. Since the personal network reflects genuine interaction it also suggests a framework where the individualistic and unique outcome of entrepreneurship can be reconciled with the demands for continuous organizing. Ventures and networks emerge parallelly. This is also the image provided e.g. by Larson & Starr, l993. From a European perspective it is closest at hand to suggest that the network changes considerably slower than the venture focus.

Acknowledgements: The research reported here has been financially supported by the Ruben Rausing Foundation. The statistical analyses of the network data were carried out by Jasmina Trajkovska and Björn Öckert.



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