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 In general, specific organizational resources were identified as salient in these companies; the resources we found corresponded relatively well with the categories predicted in the literature.  Further, these 'bundles of resources' clearly changed across shifts in an organization's development.  These results are easiest described through mini–case studies of the three companies.  That will be followed by a discussion of the patterns we have begun to identify across the cases.

“WebDesign"—Revolutionary Shifts to new Resources

 WebDesign is a small software engineering company that developed a highly sophisticated computer communications technology.  After 6 years in development, the CEO created a vision to shift from defense–based to commercial–based markets, and to package and sell their technology as a high–level web design tool through regional sales departments across the U.S.  Just prior to the beginning of the research period the company took on a CFO, had just changed it's name and corporate identity, and was gearing up "to become a hundred million dollar company."

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