Term: Fall Year: 2018 Division: Entrepreneurial Sts
Course No: EPS4525 Section: 01 Course Level: General Credit
Instructor(s): Gale, Mary
Program: Undergraduate Credits: 4.00
Days: W
Times: 1:15PM- 4:25PM
Start Date: Aug 29, 2018 End Date: Dec 15, 2018 Session: Full Session
Capacity: 25 Enrolled: 12
Description: EPS4525: Living the Social Entrepreneurship Experience
(General Credit)

EPS4525, EPS4530 (formerly EPS3530), EPS4531, EPS4532, EPS4533 and EPS4534 are equivalent courses. Students can only take one of these courses.

Living the Social Entrepreneurial Experience is about solving "people and planet" problems while generating societal and economic value. Building on the foundation from EPS 3501, this course is action focused, where you will execute on a real opportunity in teams. Students put Entrepreneurial Thought and Action into practice by developing, taking and building on key action steps to advance their own social venture or on projects for existing social enterprises. Key elements of the process involve secondary research and engaging experts, stakeholders, analogous/complementary ventures, and investors/donors to enrich understanding of the social entrepreneurship landscape and test ideas. Course readings and cases will provide supplemental background. Core to the class experience is the question - how do you build and lead a social venture? Students will set milestones to move their venture forward, working with both with external mentors and peer advisors. The core is “action based learning” which will result in pivoting your venture based on information gained in experimenting and testing assumptions. The course has multiple deliverables related to key actions and decisions in marketing, finance, customer service and operations. Students are expected to work independently as well as interdependently with other social entrepreneurs in the course. Contact time for this course will be split between in-class sessions and out-of-class individual meetings with the instructor.

Prerequisites: SME and EPS3501
This course is typically offered in the following semester: Fall