Term: Spring Year: 2014 Division: Interdisciplinary
Course No: MCE2300 Section: 01 Course Level: Intermediate Management
Instructor(s): CANCEL, CANCEL
Program: Undergraduate Credits: 9.00
Days: MW
Times: 12:30PM- 1:45PM
2:00PM- 3:15PM
3:30PM- 4:45PM
Start Date: Jan 22, 2014 End Date: May 10, 2014 Session: Full Session
Capacity: 0 Enrolled: 0
Description: "Managing in a Competitive Environment" (MCE) is one of the two sophomore-year core curriculum modules to be taken by all undergraduates. Its purpose is two-fold. The first is to teach students the fundamental principles of marketing, microeconomics and finance, and how to apply those principles to specific decisions and problems faced by firms in a competitive business environment. The second purpose is to expose students to the common themes shared by these three disciplines, and to teach them to view problems in an interdisciplinary manner. This is the heart of what we mean by "integration". The following list describes the specific areas of integration that constitute the integrated learning objectives for this module.
"   Demand Curve Link - Microeconomics and Marketing
"   Price Elasticity of Demand Link - Microeconomics and Marketing
"   Industry Analysis Link - Microeconomics and Marketing
"   Product Attribute Model and Market Segmentation Link - Microeconomics and Marketing
"   Sales and Financial Forecasting Link - Marketing and Finance
"   Capital Budgeting Link - Marketing and Finance
"   Wealth Creation Link - Finance and Microeconomics

Prerequisites: ACC1300, QTM 1300, QTM1310 and (FME1001 or (MIS1000 and MOB1000))