Term: Spring Year: 2014 Division: Interdisciplinary
Course No: OEM2300 Section: 01 Course Level: Intermediate Management
Instructor(s): CANCEL, CANCEL
Program: Undergraduate Credits: 9.00
Days: MW
Times: 8:00AM- 9:15AM
Start Date: Jan 22, 2014 End Date: May 10, 2014 Session: Full Session
Capacity: 0 Enrolled: 0
Description: OEM2300 OEM Overall Description

The Organizing for Effective Management (OEM) module integrates three subject streams: Technology and Operations Management (3 credits), Managerial Accounting (3 credits), and Organizational Behavior (3 credits). The OEM module focuses on the internal organization and processes required for leaders to successfully execute their business strategies. To be effective, managers must design their operations, measure and manage costs, motivate and lead employees, and take actions that achieve their strategy in an ethical manner. The three streams in this module will help build the skills you need to become effective leaders and managers. OEM will also help you to appreciate the interconnections between the streams. You will see how the design of operations impacts the selection of costing methods, and how costing methods may cause people to behave differently. In addition to the stream specific requirements, the module uses a company tour-oriented group project and an integrated final exam to test your understanding of how the streams work together to achieve organizational objectives within an ethical framework.

Prerequisites: ACC1300, QTM 1300, QTM1310 and (FME1001 or (MIS1000 and MOB1000))